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In 2023, mobile phone and PC shipments will decrease again

Shipments of personal computers and mobile phones are expected to decline for the second year running in 2023, while phone shipments will sink to a decade low, the IT research company Gartner announced on Tuesday.

ZEISS has completely disappeared from the Nokia XR20 5G phone

The collaboration between ZEISS and HMD Global ended in 2021, and now it has disappeared from the Nokia XR20 5G smartphone. In July 2021, HMD Global announced the company's first sustainable smartphone, the Nokia XR20 5G phone. The phone has now undergone changes, as HMD Global has quietly removed everything that referred to the ZEISS brand from the device. It was the last Nokia phone to offer cameras implemented with ZEISS.

Nokia X30 5G and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera tests

Check out this camera performance comparison video, in which Nokia's recently introduced Nokia X30 5G smartphone was compared with the recently introduced Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera performance.

Nokia 2780 Flip vs Nokia 2660 Flip is a comparison of the two Flip feature phones

HMD Global, the company licensed to manufacture Nokia branded phones, has expanded its portfolio of Flip feature phones with the launch of its latest device – the Nokia 2780 Flip 4G VoLTE in the US market.

European smartphone sales fell ten years ago

The European smartphone market has seen a huge downturn, according to a recent survey which cites the combined effects of several adverse conditions as the reasons for the fall. However, the order of market power has not changed, although the momentum of Xiaomi, who will replace Huawei, has been spectacularly broken by now.

Introduction of newer Nokia accessories in Asia

TheNokia E1200 ANC headset, currently on the market, will be unveiled yesterday and will be marketed by Asian retailer RichGo. Today, five more Nokia products are available, including the Nokia P6106 car charger and USB cables with various jack combinations, as well as the new Nokia E7200 car phone holder.

Nokia E1200 ANC headset from RichGo

Nokia Distributor RichGo Asia will soon be offering the Nokia E1200 ANC Headset in Black and Beige, which will be available in Asian markets. The product was published on its website during the holidays, suggesting that it will soon be available in stores as well.

Nokia T20 Education Edition tablet pricing in China

HMD Global has finally revealed how much the Nokia T20 Education Edition tablet with children's educational content will cost in the Asian market two weeks after its announcement.

Nokia T20 Android tablet price and specifications

HMD Global, licensed to manufacture Nokia-branded devices, will soon be launching a Nokia-branded tablet that you may have seen yesterday from leaked documents. Now the price and technical specifications of Nokia's yet-to-launch Android tablet have leaked online.

Nokia C30 official specifications and pricing

Nokia has officially launched its latest smartphone in the company’s C-Series handsets the Nokia C30. The C-Series Nokia phones come with the largest display and battery ever.

Nokia 6310 official specifications and pricing

HMD Global today unveiled the great king of old times, its long-popular Nokia 6310 low-end phone, which is designed to resemble the original but has a larger screen and buttons that HMD Global says are conducive to usability.

Nokia XR20 official specifications and pricing

HMD Global today officially announced its long-awaited Nokia XR20 smartphone, which is expected to hit store shelves from August 24, 2021.

Nokia 5310 (2020) and Nokia 5.3 drop test

Check out this break test video made by The Print in India on a car overpass with the recently announced Nokia 5310 (2020) and Nokia 5.3. The video lasts about 5 minutes, in which you can see the test result of the crash test of the two phones. The devices are dropped from a height of about 10 meters onto the asphalt road.

Nokia 6.1 Plus with close sharing feature

There are a couple of Nokia phones that already have the close sharing feature that Google provides for us. As shown in the screenshots below, this software feature is available from the drop-down menu or in the Connection settings and allows you to quickly share content between phones.

Nokia 8.3 5G official glitter-flashing video

Watch this little video (in 7 seconds) shared by Juho Sarvikas on his Twitter channel about the Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone. The device will soon appear in European markets so you can also buy it in stores.

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