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Will Nokia Mobile bring Clean OS to its devices?

A few days ago, you could already see the video in the header showing the Nokia Clean OS advertisement, and I'm sure you asked yourself what this actually means. Nokia Mobile has relied heavily on Google to provide the best software experience for its phones with its version of Pure Android. This used to be an exclusive club where a few manufacturers could shift their finances from software to hardware while Google took care of the operating system.

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Nokia is organizing Nokia Nepal Innovation Day 2022

Discussions were held on three main topics – unleashing the 5G revolution, transitioning to the digital era with Industry 4.0, and accelerating to the Gigabit era.

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Nokia and the UN help survivors of gender-based violence in South Africa

Nokia and the UN have successfully completed the first training cycle to enable financial independence for survivors of gender-based violence in South Africa.

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One million connected Oura Rings in one quarter

Oura Ring, a connected ring born from the ashes of Nokia, which can be found on the streets of the Finnish capital, is a small accessory that can often be seen on the fingers of passers-by. The discreet but recognizable Oura Ring connected ring is very popular. Those ? It must be because Ōura Health, the company that distributes the connected ring, is Finnish. Oura was born in the city of Oulu and has an amazing story.

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Compost also at your home Nokia Phone Case

You didn't know that you get a free compostable case that is shockproof but soft on the ground and compost at home!

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Nokia Circular is Nokia's new subscription service

Within decades, we may be struck by inhumane weather conditions and climate models, according to climate models, will not be favorable in weather. Climate change is increasingly expected at the same time heat and drought if we do not reduce global emissions. This means that 93-95 percent of the world's population will experience more than twice the number of current dry and hot events by the end of the 21st century.

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Sting concert at Nokia Arena on September 20

The legendary English artist Sting will give a concert in Tampere and Helsinki on September 20 at the Nokia Arena and on September 22 at the Helsinki Ice Hall as part of his My Songs world tour.

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