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U2 concert 2010 in Munich - Nokia E75

After the Stock Exchange, let’s have a bottle of beer and listen to some music too. There is no better experience than a live U2 concert. We could say so, we could put it this way... In 2020, if I remember correctly, I was at a live U2 concert here in London at Trafalgar Square and I had a very brilliant experience. It’s completely different to hear your favorite live on both speakers, no matter how professional you are, it won’t even convey the real sound.

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PUBG can become a free game

Over the past few months, life in the PUBG community has been significantly buoyed, with developers playing a huge role as they have finally switched to “turbo” and are constantly delivering new content. Battlegrounds Mobile India arrived a few weeks ago, but we can expect plenty of news even in the next few months.

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No time to die - Early October release date

You may have read it here several times here and on the World Wide Web James Bond film i.e. No Time to Die premiere postponed due to the Covid-19 world pandemic.

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PUBG Lite Free UC redeem new codes

Player Unknown's Battleground is a very famous game among players from all over the world that is currently only available in India for game lovers. Now the essence of the game is survival, players need various weapons and other features to save themselves in battle to the last. These features of survival are provided to players in the form of rewards or pay.

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Nokia XR20 water and ice test from Nokia Mobile

Nokia XR20, Nokia Mobile's upcoming smartphone After information on toughness, durability and survival, we've seen the massive back of the device in an original photo previously published by Nokia Mobile on the community forum.

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Nokia 110 4G will be available soon in Bangladesh

Nokia Mobile will soon make available the recently announced Nokia 110 4G phone in Bangladesh, Asia, which measures 121 x 50 x 14.5 mm and weighs 84.5 grams. The display size of the device is 1.8 inches and the type of TFT screen provides a resolution of 120 x 160 pixels.

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Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G phones will be available soon in India

Nokia mobile will soon launch the recently announced Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G phones in India, which will be available in single-SIM and dual-SIM versions.

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The future of work is hybrid

Perhaps that sounds counterintuitive. But strip back most inventions and, in essence, what they do is give us back the gift of time – whether it is tractors making it faster to plant crops, airplanes making it faster to travel long distances, or mobile banking apps meaning you don’t have to wait in line to see your bank manager.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India 200 million users pre-registered - Download link

Download the PUBG Mobile Ignition update here via the APK download link if you are also part of the 200 million registered users.

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Nokia X and G series receive the seal of Google Enterprise

Nokia Mobile has also added additional devices to the Google Enterprise Recommended program, allowing all four new Nokia devices in the X and G series to be added to the list of devices recommended by Android Enterprise.

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Running Windows 11 on your Nokia Lumia 950 XL

We already know that after the release of Windows 11, it will achieve deep integration with Android Apps and run smartphone apps on the operating system, but what about the other way around?

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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 download for Android devices

In India, Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally been launched, released by Krafton nationwide with an early version of the game for Android users. He borrowed all the good pieces from PUBG Mobile, which was banned last year, but modifies the UI slightly to give India an exclusive flavor.

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Financial Supervision Authority is halting the introduction of the Krafton IPO in India

The owners of Krafton, PUBG Mobile & Battleground Mobile India, have planned to launch the IPO, but the same has been halted for the time being. The Financial Supervision Authority has stopped the inclusion of Krafton’s IPO misinformation concerns in the IPO Memorandum.

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