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Our changed reality is 2020

It’s time to get a real picture of the future of communications providers. Are you a communications service provider? If so, on November 10, you can see your future from the most acclaimed future thinkers and technology gurus who are creating real paths. Join Real Talk on November 10, 2020 for an insight.

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5G and sustainable growth

An important part of tackling the climate crisis will be to decouple greenhouse gas emissions from GDP growth. The digital technological revolution is helping to reduce the environmental impact of modern life, bringing us closer to a zero-emission digital society so we can live richer, happier and more sustainable lives. Finland has ambitious environmental goals for a zero-emission digital society. The experience of the country shows what is possible everywhere. You can also read this article about the sustainability of climate change, the effects of the greenhouse and the resulting potential for GDP growth. But what has this got to do with Nokia?

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White, black or variegated?

What kind of people become hackers and what drives them to attack a network? Believing in the Hollywood stereotype, the average hacker is a bored teenager in a basement looking for imaginative ways to bypass the security of the system - either because of its excitement or to show off. Or maybe revenge turned into a hacker? Do you want revenge for your insult? But why? Why can a man take revenge? What do you need for that? What could they offend? Are you smart and want to show this? What color "hat" are you wearing? 3 Read on and watch the video!

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Nokia is building its mobile network on the moon

You may have read before that NASA's American Space Agency has entrusted Nokia to build LTE / 4G technology on the moon. Now read Nokia's official press conference. LTE / 4G technology is revolutionizing lunar surface communications by providing reliable, high data rates.

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Nokia Diamond Awards 2020

Supplier excellence leads the second Nokia supplier watch With some familiar and exciting excitement, Nokia celebrated “Supplier Excellence” in the second Nokia Supplier Watch series, which took place on October 15, 2020.

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Nokia 4G and 5G network construction on the moon

We are delighted that NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, has chosen to build the first wireless network on the moon’s surface with our pioneering technologies from 4G / LTE to 5G.

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Nokia automatic COVID detection system

Nokia's COVID sensor system automatically searches for temperature and mask. The system detects if a person has a high temperature or is not wearing a face mask and alerts the operations center. Are you wearing a mask? If not, Nokia's automated system detects and signals it to the system operator!

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Nokia wins advanced technology award from SCTE, ISBE presidents

Nokia has announced that it has won one of the first advanced technology awards for this year’s SCRE · ISBE Cable-Tec Expo virtual experience. The virtual format will enable hundreds of thousands of cable professionals as well as technologists, students and other audiences worldwide to take part in the industry's signature event from their homes and offices. Highlights include an opening demonstration of breakthrough technology; 40 Fall Technical Forum workshops featuring 119 presentations; and visionary remarks by many of the industry's most senior executives...

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Examination of Artificial Intelligence

Daniele Quercia and a research team used algorithms and the psychological concept of “integrated complexity” to find a possible solution.

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Life in 2030 - Life in a 5G society

What do you think the future will be like? Your future? The future of your children? Flying cars, flying trains? Can you imagine what the world will be like 10 years from now in 2030? Drones operated flying cars are being designed by engineers right now. What will they design and manufacture in the coming years? What will be the future of your children? Read this book to see more and better about your child’s future with 5G.

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Nokia's call to action - 5G technology has changed the way people live and work

If so much has changed with 5G, how much will 6G become available in the near future? Nokia is releasing “Flash forward: Life in 2030. How 5G will transform our lives in the next decade” which presents a future where 5G technology has changed the way people live and work.

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How emotions shape customer relationships in a minimal touch economy

As different regions fight the COVID-19 epidemic, emotions swing heavily. The way you work, play, learn and shop has ushered in a digital realm. Network security due to the dramatic increase in COVID-19-related phishing and malware attacks. CSPs, such as US Cellular, have invested in technology that makes it clear which devices have been affected by malware, certain types of malware in play, and proposes measures to minimize the impact on customers.

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HMD Global has released the Australian and New Zealand Smartphone and Data Security Report

Unfortunately, the problem starts there that the average person does not understand the phones, computers, and associated technologies, so they are not aware of the dangers that exist in everyday life. You are not fully aware of what an update prompt is actually coming to your bowling alley! Update available .... install? Then later, then tomorrow, then ...?

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In the $ 2Million market that 5G provides

Download this new book and read it "tonight" resting in your bed. In a $ 2 million market offered by 5G.

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Ready ... ready ... race! Vendée Globe competition sponsored by Nokia Beta Labs

The French Vendée Globe, the only sailing competition in the world, this year with the support of Nokia Beta Labs, will be held again this year.

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Nokia 8.3 5G - NO TIME TO DIE Trailer

Lashana Lynch, the beautiful British actress, analyzed the camera and video capabilities of the Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone in a few sentences at the presentation of Nokia devices and devices on Tuesday (September 23).

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What’s the future of Nokia’s feature phone segment?

Telegraph India conducted an interview with Nokia Mobile Product Manager Juho Sarvikas days before the planned official announcement of the new Nokia handsets. In the interview, Sarvikas covered phones, software, the latest hardware features and the company’s Finnish origins.

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Responsibility for Action - The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Tomorrow, Monday 21 September (CEST 16: 00-17: 30), Nokia Sustainability Manager Karoliina Loikkanen will contribute to the World Economic Forum's Sustainability Impact Summit to discuss Technology and Social Justice during the Responsibility in Action meetingh.

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Get to know you too - Pekka Lundmark President and CEO of Nokia

Pekka Lundmark (born December 9, 1963) is a Finnish business executive and current president and CEO of Nokia. From 2015 to July 2020, he was the CEO of the Finnish state-owned energy company, Fortum. Lundmark was born on December 9, 1963 in Espoo, Finland. He graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology with a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics in 1988.

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