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Nokia 105 is the world's best-selling phone in 2021

IDC’s latest report shows that the best-selling phone during this period is none other than the Nokia 105! The unbeatable price of this phone, offered in both 2G and 4G versions, is € 19.99 (2G) and € 31 (4G).

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The largest virtual mobile phone museum opens, with more than 2,000 models from 200 brands

London, Soho - The Mobile Phone Museum, the largest virtual museum of mobile phones to date, featuring a catalog of 2,000 models from more than 200 different brands, opened this Tuesday.

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Nokia Foundation grants professor Yrjö Neuvo a recognition award for achievements in development of postgraduate education

Each year more than 1,800 doctors graduate from Finnish universities. Compared to countries like U.S., Germany and Sweden, the employment rate of doctors is low in Finland.

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Nokia sets up new chief technology officer in North America

Telecommunications company Nokia Finn is now setting up a new technology leader in the United States amid significant growth in North American service providers ’spending on mid-range 5G networks.

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Nokia G20 shipping problems in the Netherlands

Among the global companies struggling with In and Delivery problems and the shortage of chips, Nokia is already struggling with delivery problems in the Dutch market in Northern Europe more precisely.

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Huawei circumvents US restrictions with Nokia

I didn’t quite understand the American accusations and restrictions he had previously imposed on the Chinese company Huawei, which were using the chips used in its devices to eavesdrop on and spy on users of the devices it manufactured. Well you don't need a chip to listen to a phone, you don't need Huawei and especially not China. Note that after Huawei...

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New ballroom is planned in Nokia City

New modern ballroom is being designed for Nokia City to meet the needs of elite sports, youth sports and school education. The ballroom could also host a number of major public events, such as concerts and fairs. At its meeting on November 24, the Board of Education will discuss the proposal to launch the construction investment and incorporate it into the investment framework.

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Finnish Tampere Deck Arena is now Nokia Arena

Opening in December 2021, Nokia Arena will host over a million visitors annually and is the main venue for the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The next-generation arena will be a home for innovative digital experiences and various major sports, culture and entertainment events and conferences.

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Nokian Tires recruits 80 new employees for Nokia

Due to increased production of passenger car tires, Nokian Tires is employing 80 new people at Nokia. According to the company, demand for tires in its main markets has been growing steadily during the year and remains strong.

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