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Eton College is replacing its smartphones with Nokia

Smartphones are now both a universal rifle and a pocketable distraction, and researchers have been sounding the alarm for a good decade about the threatening effects of the devices on mental health and social contact. UNESCO's 2023 recommendation deems it acceptable to allow smartphones into schools only "for the time of use supporting education", and several governments have...

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HMD has announced a new protective case for the HMD T21 tablet

The Finnish company HMD Global has announced a new protective cover for the HMD T21 and Nokia T21 tablets. This is a protective cover named "HMD T21 Rugged Grip Cover" which is developed to protect the tablet from impacts.

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HMD Pulse Pro, HMD Pulse+ and HMD Pulse smartphones on sale in the UK

HMD Global has made the recently announced Pulse Pro, Pulse+ and Pulse smartphones available in its online store in the United Kingdom at discounted prices. Buy one of HMD Global's latest phones now as part of the Pulse family and become part of the Pulse family.

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HMD Pulse Pro and HMD Pulse Plus are now available for purchase in the Philippines

Following several European markets, HMD Global has now made its HMD Pulse Pro and HMD Pulse Plus smartphones available in the Asian Philippines through Shopee, along with the recently launched HMD Pulse Plus devices.

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The Nokia 5110 GSM phone is already 26 years old

The Nokia 5110 is a GSM mobile phone introduced by Nokia on 12 April 1998. The 5110, also known as the Nokia 5146 on One2One (now T-Mobile) or the nk402 on Orange in the UK, was intended for the consumer market as a successor to the Nokia 3110 and the analogue Nokia 232. Its design is based on the same platform as the Nokia 6110 for the business market. It had a similar, simpler, revamped user interface called the Series 20, but lacked the infrared data interface. However, it can be connected to a computer...

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Nokia CEO Amy Hanlon-Rodemich resigns

A recruitment process for a successor will begin immediately, and Amy will serve in an advisory role during her notice period, Nokia said. He was instrumental in revamping the company's staffing services and employee experience,he added

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Nokia sent a letter of complaint to Reddit for patent infringement

Reddit is investigating a letter from Nokia Technologies alleging that the company infringed several patents in the fields of telecommunications and cloud networks. The announcement was made by the social media platform on Tuesday, ahead of the expected initial public offering (IPO) this week.

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Nokia 3210 is a GSM mobile phone announced by Nokia on March 18, 1999 - Happy Birthday

A combination of cutting-edge features such as an internal antenna and T9 text input ensured the 3210's massive commercial success. A large part of the phone's success is also due to the advertising campaign, which was primarily aimed at young people. The inclusion of 3 games, interchangeable "Xpress-on" skins (like the previous Nokia 5110), internal antenna, customizable ringtones and...

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The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is investigating whether Hamas used Nokia technology

Nokia does not know how its devices got to Hamas. The State Department to find out whether the extremist organization Hamas used Nokia technology for encrypted communications in a tunnel in Gaza. It is reported by Hufvudstadsbladet, which bases its news on the use of Nokia technology, and an Israeli newspaper, Yedioth to Ahronot.

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Nokia to cut 357 jobs in France

Nokia's equipment manufacturing subsidiary announced during the central works council that it will cut 357 employees in France as part of the collective agreement termination. Support functions and R&D groups in the Paris region are mainly affected by this voluntary departure plan.

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HMD's flying carpet and phone

You must have already noticed that the people seen on the mobile phones seen in the leaked and shared photos of HMD are sitting and sleeping on the phone, just like Aladdin on the plane's carpet. Is it like a fairy tale or is it really a flying phone? Will HMD's new and first phone be able to fly? I don't think that a mobile phone will fly, but I don't think it is excluded that the phone might contain a built-in flying drone that can be controlled with the phone device.

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HMD officially shows off its repairable phone

Now we can get a glimpse into the world of repairable HMD smartphones in these two photos shared by HMD on its social media platform, which is expected to be released in July.

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The history of Nokia in a very good video

I hate to repeat myself, and as a blogger, I made myself look bad, but you still have to see this animated historical video, which brings to life the history of Nokia from its beginnings in 1865. Watch the animated Nokia phones in this video, the whole story from the beginning to the present day.

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Nokia phones are disappearing from store shelves again

The Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia stopped making phones years ago and this division was replaced by various other managements. The Nokia mobile phone branding is now ending and HMD Global is selling them under its own brand name.

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