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HMD 110 was already revealed in pictures before the official announcement

HMD Global has introduced a number of new products recently. It has already abandoned the Nokia brand in smart devices, but for basic phones, there have been a number of Nokia announcements in recent weeks as HMD renews its collection. However, now it seems that HMD will also release its first own-brand basic phone, which was revealed in the HMD 110 basic phone and in the pictures published on the Internet.

This is what the new leaked HMD base phone looks like

In addition to today's officially announced HMD XR21 and T21 Tablet devices, take a look at this cool device with push-button design that was leaked today, which also already carries the HMD logo on its back and display above the button row.

HMD's first own tablet - HMD T21

HMD Global previously announced its first HMD-branded phones worldwide, which were the HMD Pulse, Pulse+ and Pulse Pro. It was known that the company is also making its own tablet, which will be called HMD T21 and it just happened to appear on the company's website.

Indian voters chose the name Arrow

HMD Arrow will be the name of the device that HMD will launch in India in the near future - that's what the voters of social channel X decided in the previously announced game with HMD.

Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 3210 in Chinese markets soon

According to the investigation of the Chinese telecommunications agency Tenaa, two devices are issued that are certified as TA-1617 and TA-1619, but the accompanying documents did not contain photos, so the identity of the devices intended for the Chinese market is uncertain but likely.

HMD Tomcat, HMD Nighthawk and HMD Rocky in stores soon

Last week, HMD announced its first own smartphones, which were the HMD Pulse, Pulse+ and Pulse Pro. The phones in question were codenamed "Legend," but now the first information about HMD's three upcoming phones has leaked.

Nokia 3210 (2024) appeared in Giganti Finland's roundup list

Before the presentation of HMD's new Pulse phones, Gigantti already revealed all the necessary information about the Pulse Pro. Now the online store also includes the previously unreleased Nokia 3210 4G (2024) basic phone, with images and information of the device.

HMD Rocky has already appeared in FCC certification

The HMD Rocky phone has already appeared in the American FCC certification, which of course suggests that the device will be announced soon and will be available for purchase in selected stores. This is currently only available in the United States, so it will not be available in the European, Asian, Australian and African markets yet or at all.

HMD X2 and HMD X20 devices for Africa M-Kopa

You may have read earlier that Nokia is making special phones for the African company, M-Kopa, which can be purchased by lovers of Nokia devices in African markets.

The advertising photo of the Nokia 3210 phone has been leaked

HMD held a launch event in Kenya to unveil the latest HMD Pulse smartphone and the Nokia 225 4G. In the advertising photos leaked during the event, the Nokia 3210 phone, which has not yet been officially presented, became visible, as well as the advertising photos of the Nokia 215 4G, Nokia 225 4G and Nokia 235 4G phones, in which the devices are clearly visible.

HMD's first smartphone launch in India on April 29

In its latest "X" share, HMD reveals the launch time of its first smartphone in the Indian markets, with which it is preparing to launch a smartphone. On April 29, HMD will reveal the name of its first smartphone in India, which may even be able to make an emergency SOS call.

Nokia 225 4G (2024) leaked photos, specifications and pricing

While HMD is working on phasing out the Nokia brand in favor of its own brand, the company is still releasing a few Nokia-branded phones, including the Nokia 225 4G 2024, which is slated to be announced any day now.

HMD Pulse Pro can be purchased from April 24 at the Gigantti store in Finland

Gigantti seems to be one of the retailers so excited about Finland's HMD Global's own-brand products that it has been listed on the online store ahead of the device's release. The HMD Pulse Pro, which has already been leaked a few times, appeared on Gigant's website, practically revealing everything - of course, the link has already been deleted by the marketer!

The First HMD tablet received FCC certification in the United States

The certification of HMD Global's first tablet in the FCC certification of the United States of America has become available, which indicates that HMD may soon launch a Tablet in the country. I have to note that HMD has certified almost all tablets and mobile phones previously produced under the Nokia brand under its own name, so it is possible that we are talking about a device previously launched on the market under the Nokia brand.

HMD Pulse High-Res renders shown ahead of release

HMD is gearing up to launch its in-house Pulse smartphones in the Indian markets. Ahead of the official launch, the MySmartPrice team got access to high-resolution leaked renders of the HMD Pulse smartphone in collaboration with tipster OnLeaks. The renders give us our first look at the phone, revealing dual rear cameras, slim unibody bezels and a punch-hole display.

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