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Nokia T20 is the Nokia Mobile tablet coming soon

Wecan see the leak of another Russian blog, in which this time Nokia plans to introduce the first Android tablet called Nokia T20. The Nokia Tablet in question has appeared on a list of retailers with detailed information on pricing, size and connection type in the UK market.

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Nokia Mobile Hidden Phone Demo Preview

Alot of information about the Nokia XR20 smartphone has already been leaked over the past few weeks, the specification of the device has also been leaked, which I dare not say that all its options cover reality. Now here’s an official news story about the unannounced XR20, this time HMD Global has published an official press release that it doesn’t actually reveal which device it is talking about. Nonetheless, in a similar way to show the clear benefits of any phone, it’s probably the Nokia XR20 will also be announced.

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Development of the Nokia Mobile SpeedWarp camera application in Europe

Nokia Mobile has now registered a new trademark in Europe called SpeedWarp, which is related to the camera application and editing software.

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Nokia G50 smartphone is already on the list of dealers

Following the many leaked Nokia phone news, we also got to the Nokia G50 smartphone which was discovered on the list of several retailers in the UK and UAE. In the retailer lists, the Nokia G50 smartphone has appeared in blue but is expected to be available to customers in several color scales soon.

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Nokia XR20 leaked pricing

We can already get used to the news about Nokia leaking before the official announcement, so we can’t be very surprised by its drawing that now the Nokia XR20 has also leaked the pricing of the Finnish manufacturer’s smartphone.

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Nokia XR20 comes with a square camera module

Yesterday, Nokia Mobile unveiled the launch of a robust phone that doesn’t require a case to protect. Through the bar on the homepage of the Nokia Community Forum, Nokia Mobile has taken a first look at the upcoming, robust smartphone for all of us, which it will launch on July 27th. I think the "no case required" indicator may also hide an unexplored technology in the device that we haven't seen from Nokia yet. I’m likely that this new device may already include the Graphene technology that Nokia is known to have been experimenting with for years.

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Nokia Mobile is announcing the launch of a new Nokia smartphone on July 27th

With our latest Nokia phone, you’ll never need a case again - Nokia Mobile yesterday posted a favorite on Twitter social media channels announcing a smartphone due out on July 27th. According to the ad, the smartphone will be so robust that you will never need a case.

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Nokia 6310 certified by the Indian BIS

Already in the Indian BIS certificate, the upcoming Nokia 6310 phone, obvious from the leaked information, has appeared, which in principle will be a 2G functional phone and will be released in India soon. Rising Stars Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology, which is authorized to manufacture all Nokia phones in India, will also manufacture the Nokia 6310 (TA-1400) at its Kancheepuram facility in Tamil Nadu.

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Leaked photos of Nokia C30 green and white models

Nokia intends to launch several smartphones in the near future, one of which is the Nokia C30, from which you can now view the first original leaked photos.

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