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Nokia G42 5G So Pink is available in October in Poland

So Pink-The pink version of the Nokia G42 5G smartphone inspired by the Barbie movie. The device, which can be especially attractive to women, will appear on the shelves of Polish stores next month.

Nokia G42 5G will be available for purchase in India only from September 11

We thought as of today... today, Nokia Mobile India announced that the Nokia G42 5G smartphone will hit store shelves in the Indian market on Amazon only from September 11. At the moment, nothing is known about the pricing, but we can hope that this will also be published in the press soon. It's quite sad news for those Nokia fans who are already prepared for today's purchase, but unfortunately Nokia Mobile India has postponed the start of sales of the device to September 11.

Nokia G42 5G is now available for purchase in So Pink color in Finland

Yesterday, I reported to you that Nokia Mobile is preparing to launch a new purple blue smartphone, which I thought would be a new Nokia phone, but I admit now that I was wrong because it will only be the purple version of the previously presented Nokia G42 5G device.

Get ready to burst the bubble of excitement - With the Nokia Barbie smartphone

Barely an hour ago, Nokia Mobile shared this advertising text and 12-second animation on its Twitter channel, in which it can be verified that it is only a matter of hours before it announces a device due at the IFA 2023 event currently being held in Berlin, Germany.

Nokia G42 5G will be available for purchase in India from September 6

Impatient Nokia phone lovers only have to wait a few days, who after several months of waiting will be able to buy Nokia's recently announced G42 5G smartphone in India on September 6.

Nokia 2660 Flip Pop Pink and Lush Green colors will soon be available in India

Nokia's push-button device Nokia 2660 will soon be available in the Indian markets in Pop Pink and Lush Green colors, which have been available in black, red and blue for almost a year.

Nokia G42 5G will be available in India from September

The certification of the recently announced Nokia G42 5G smartphone has already appeared in the BIS Indian certification database, so we can say with certainty that it will soon be available for purchase in the country. In addition to the Nokia XR21, which was certified in April, the Nokia G42 5G appeared in the BIS certification. The device (TA-1581) was first registered with BIS on July 3 as manufactured by Guangdong Enok and predictably now it seems that the company has changed its plans as the Nokia G42 5G will be the brand's first 5G smartphone to be manufactured in India.

Nokia gives you wings

Nokia is not the Red Bull energy drink that you have seen many times in its commercials saying "gives you wings", but now seeing the feathers this is what I thought of it. It would be interesting if we could fly a Nokia Flip phone attached to our back. We would shout out loud with a phone on our backs - we fly. Another video appeared on Nokia Mobile's Instagram account, in which we can see "circular" pens opening and closing in a circular direction...

Nokia may launch new devices soon

Nokia is the only brand in the industry that has been around for a long time and has been able to enter many segments like headphones, speakers, phones, smartphones and many more. Following the leaks of the past few days, I would think of a presentation of a mobile phone or several mobile phones first, but we can't really say "Let's SO CLEAR" or "SO FAST you don't want to miss it"!

Nokia XR21 5G is available for purchase in Denmark from July 6

The as-yet-unannounced Nokia G42 5G smartphone will be available for purchase from the Danish Giganti web store from July 6, which device is currently available for pre-order. If you remember, the specifications and official photos of the Nokia G42 5G were previously presented by a Danish online store and, surprisingly, Gigantti can also be ordered in Finland for 259 euros (GBP 222, USD 282, INR 23177) as a 4+128 gigabyte memory version.

Leaked promotional videos of Nokia phones

Three videos have been released about the upcoming Nokia mobile phones, which I shared with you just an hour ago, the G42 5G pricing and photo album. It is true that it is difficult to tell which new phone model is shown in the video after seeing the videos, but I think we can still be happy about the leaked videos, because the devices have not yet been officially announced, so it is more exciting to watch videos of Nokia phones that have not yet been released.

Self-repairing Nokia G42 5G leaked pricing, photos and information ahead of release

Yesterday you could see the leaked Nokia G42 5G specifications and now you can see the device's pricing and leaked photos, which I think indicates that the device may be announced "before time" by HMD, i.e. it may become available during the week.

Nokia G42 5G and Nokia G310 5G specs leaked via Bluetooth SIG listing

The device was recently on Geekbench's benchmarking page they found it and now it has appeared in the database of the Bluetooth SIG authority. As you can see in the screenshot below, another Nokia phone dubbed Nokia G310 5G has also received the Bluetooth certification. Finnish smartphone maker Nokia has been launching a lot of its smartphone devices lately, and a number of details have recently been leaked ahead of the launch.

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