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Nokia, Smart Mobile Labs delivers 5G SA private wireless network for research at Kaiserslautern University of Technology

Smart Mobile Labs AG has won a public tender for five TUK public tenders funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the 5G-Kaiserslautern project. TUK is a recognized center of excellence in technology and industry research. The private wireless system will be installed on the Kaiserslautern university campus, the Wissenschaftsmeile, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and the “Hofgut Neumühle” research farm.

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Nokia will release its third quarter report on October 29, 2020

It will publish its third quarterly report and its January-September 2020 report on October 29, 2020. Nokia only publishes a summary of its financial statements in stock exchange releases. The summary focuses on Nokia Group financial information as well as Nokia's outlook.

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Nokia wins Chunghwa Telecom 5G small cell stores in Taiwan

Nokia has been a long-term partner of CHT since the 2G era. Under the agreement, Nokia will provide CHT with a flexible AirScale indoor radio (ASiR) solution for better coverage and capacity, and an AirScale micro RRH for outdoor and urban hotspots. As the business is the most important in the 5G market, CHT works closely with local SMEs to provide secure 5G coverage to automate industry 4.0.

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Nokia provides enterprise IoT services for Smart in the Philippines

The Deal will enable IoT coverage to be extended nationwide to businesses through the Nokia Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING). Nokia’s WING-managed service helps operators gain IoT market share without having to invest in infrastructure.

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Verizon has teamed up with Microsoft Corp. and Nokia

Verizon has teamed up with Microsoft Corp. and Nokia to help its business customers build faster and more secure applications across 5G private networks globally. Private 5G networks enable businesses to increase energy efficiency and reduce the cost of end-user equipment while contributing to privacy and security needs.

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Telia Company has selected Nokia to install 5G in Finland

Telia Company has selected Nokia to deploy 5G in Finland and implement 5G stand-alone core in the markets. Of course, we should not be surprised by this agreement, because in this case we can talk about two Finnish companies.

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High speed mobile broadband internet to Navajo Nation

Choice NTUA Wireless will install the Nokia AirScale 4G LTE RAN for wired wireless access within Navajo Nation to provide high-speed Internet services. The Navajo Nation’s remote location is in the northeast corner of Arizona, including the “Four Corners,” around the cost-effective deployment of the infrastructure needed to build high-speed Internet.

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AT&T and Nokia Drive Industry 4.0 with CBRS private networks

AT&T has complemented Nokia's end-to-end industry-leading capabilities with AT&T Private Cellular Network solutions. AT & T's on-site portfolio already includes 5G-enabled AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing to offer these additional private cell solutions with Nokia to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

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Nokia uses the Qualcomm 5G RAN platform

Nokia's innovative and low-cost small cell solutions extend 5G coverage and provide capacity for low-penetration indoor residential and small business networks. The new 5G smart node complements Nokia’s 5G small-cell portfolio, such as the AirScale micro-remote radio head and AirScale indoor radio, which are being deployed commercially by many service providers worldwide to increase 5G capacity and coverage.

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5G services on Auckland Viaduct - Australia

Nokia and New Zealand provider Spark have launched 5G services on the Auckland Viaduct to establish a high-speed wireless connection at a major international sailing event. Well, anyone living in Auckland can already use Nokia's 5G network. Are you participating in the sailing competition? If so, buy a Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone and use the 5G network provided by Nokia to view videos and photos. My friends! The extremely fast internet of 5G has become available in your city!

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5G will add $ 8trn to global GDP by 2030

According to Nokia’s new research, 5G-enabled industries could contribute $ 8 trillion to global GDP by 2030 as COVID-19 accelerates medium- and long-term digital investment and value creation. Would you have thought? Read more on Nokia's press release!

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Nokia wins Chunghwa Telecom 5G small cell business in Taiwan

You have read several times before that Nokia has won the deployment of 5G networks in several countries and regions around the world. Read Nokia's press release on networking in Taiwan with the help of Chunghwa Telecom. Nokia’s innovative and cost-effective small cell solutions will expand 5G coverage and increase capacity in indoor residential and small business networks in Taiwan.

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Nokia SDM software selected by Telefónica UK

The Deal covers a number of Nokia software products, supporting Telefónica UK’s transition to cloud architecture and providing secure and reliable 5G connectivity services to the operator’s 34.1 million customers. At the heart of Telefónica UK’s converged mobile core, Nokia SDM securely monitors key functionality for all Telefónica UK networks and services, including 5G.

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Equinix adds Nokia IP to its global interconnection network

As one of the largest data center and location service providers, Equinix currently operates multi-service services on multiple networks. Equinix currently provides metro, national and international connectivity and cloud services to its customers to distribute content that provides the best user experience. Equinix is ​​an American multinational headquartered in Redwood City, California, specializing in Internet connectivity and data centers.

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In the background of the acquisition of Nokia

CCS Insight has made a seemingly serious forecast for 2021 that analyzes recent efforts to buy Nokia that Nokia will be bought next year by a major U.S. technology company, Microsoft, if only Intel is not ahead of it as the number two interested party.

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Nokia reaches the 100 5G agreement and the 160 commercial 5G agreement

Nokia today announced that it has signed 17 new 5G commercial agreements in the third quarter. The Nokia 5G portfolio is also growing stronger among businesses. Corporate customers now account for 12% of Nokia’s 5G transactions. Nokia also boasts a portfolio of 180 wireless wireless customers, many of whom are expected to migrate to 5G. Recently with private wireless installations, including between Deutsche Bahn, Toyota Production Engineering and Sandvik. Nokia also boasts a portfolio of 180 wireless wireless customers, many of whom are expected to migrate to 5G.

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Nokia has chosen Elisa Finland as the national supplier of 5G RAN

Nokia has been selected as the national supplier of 5G RAN by Elisa in Finland. Nokia has continued to work with Elisa for a long time as a strategic supply partner for 5G RAN nationwide. Nokia provides the AirScale 5G RAN portfolio, a continuation of the onshore partnership between Nokia and Elisa.

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Nokia has won a 5G radio contract from BT in the UK

STOCKHOLM / HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia has entered into an agreement with Britain's largest mobile operator, BT, to supply 5G radios, the new CEO Pekka Lundmark said on Tuesday with one of the first major victories.

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