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Nokia and Claro showcase the power of 5G in Colombia

I'm sorry, but this press release has so far escaped my attention. I don't understand how, but I didn't see and read! But here I will share it with you now and you can read it this Saturday afternoon. Nokia has cut its ax into another "tree" and this time is building a 5G network in four cities in Central America, including Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Barrancabermeja. The test period lasts only six months, supporting e-health, smart cities and immersive education, among others. Read the news below.

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Significant energy jumps from Energy Different 2020 winners of the year

Acknowledging responsibility for four imaginative actions Ovako's Imatra vacuum pump, which significantly reduces energy consumption in steelmaking, is Elisa's and Nokia's all-new liquid-cooled 5G base station, which recycles waste heat for reuse, Lidl Finland Energy Wise stores and waste heat from coffee roasting to the district heating network in Helsinki.

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Nokia, Elisa and Qualcomm set 5G speed records in Finland

The milestone was achieved using Nokia’s 5G mmWave technology and Qualcomm Technologies ’5G smartphone format testing tools through Elisa’s commercial 5G network. The base station used two Nokia AirScale radios, each using the 800 MHz commercial millimeter-wave 5G spectrum at 26 GHz.

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Nokia shares continue to rise above $ 4

Nokia can lose too... Nokia is working with NASA to bring a 4G network to the moon. In fact, it has lost 16% of its value in the two and a half weeks since then. Nokia’s share price fell because on October 28, it lowered its 2020 profit outlook. Meanwhile, investors need to buy into the company’s new corporate strategy, formulated by Pekka Lundmark.

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Swisscom has selected Nokia as its exclusive Fixed Wireless Access partner

Nokia Fixed Wireless Access enables 5G ultra-fast broadband access for Swisscom customers. The Nokia FastMile 5G receiver combines the best of indoor and outdoor FWA solutions, allowing Swisscom to install a single device over the network.

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Nokia and Deutsche Telekom are developing a joint 5G network in Hungary

Nokia and Deutsche Telekom have announced that they will expand their existing strategic collaboration and jointly develop an IP network capable of 5G. This means that Deutsche Telekom has chosen Nokia’s platform to significantly expand the capacity of its router network. Developments have already started in Greece, while in Hungary the construction is expected to start in the last quarter of 2020, in the framework of which the existing IP network will be replaced and modernized.

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Nokia puts artificial intelligence at the forefront of the network

The service will be available for multi-vendor Open RAN (O-RAN) networks, ensuring that the various components work seamlessly with subscribers who enjoy the benefits of ultra-low latency, reduced jitter, and buffering. According to 35 percent of telecom operators, the main goal of their 5G strategy is to improve the customer experience. Using Nokia AVA algorithms on traditional network architectures, Netflix buffering was reduced by 59 percent and YouTube sessions due to long playback were reduced by 15 percent.

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Nokia is collaborating with the A1 on Austrian LTE and 5G campus networks

As part of the deal, Nokia will provide operational support and care to all existing university networks, ensuring compliance with the most challenging service level agreements (SLAs) and quality of service (QoS) requirements.

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Nokia Digital Operations software supports the digital conversion of Telefónica Movistar Colombia

Nokia Digital Operations software supports the digital conversion of Telefónica Movistar Colombia. This new collaboration will provide an enhanced user experience for Movistar subscribers and simplify operator platforms. It benefits from Nokia Digital Operation software and underscores the momentum of the solution in other Latin American markets, including Chile, Argentina and Peru.

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Telia Lithuania has chosen Ericsson

The Swedish Telco group, Telia, only chose the two Scandinavian manufacturers when it announced its 5G network offerings. Nokia has been given the groundwork for Telia’s six nationwide operations, but Ericsson has been chosen to help introduce a much more lucrative RAN. At that time, there was no division of RAN work between Denmark and Lithuania, which seemingly offered an opportunity for Nokia.

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Nokia Smart TVs, Streaming Boxes to Europe, Middle East and Africa

The latest Nokia Smart TVs, Nokia fans, will soon be available on several continents. We no longer have to wait long for us to buy Nokia Smart TV and Streaming Box in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. StreamView Gmbh is the licensee of the new Nokia brand, which has so far made these products available in new markets only in India.

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