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Nokia G42 5G is now available for purchase in the Philippines

Nokia's recently announced Nokia G42 5G smartphone is now available in the Philippines, and customers can currently only buy it in gray 6GB+128GB for PHP 11,242 (£159, €185, USD 197 and INR 16,440). The product can currently only be purchased in limited quantities, so for a limited time!

Nokia G42 5G is already available with a 50% discount in several European countries

You can already buy Nokia's recently announced Nokia G42 5G smartphone with a 50% discount in several European countries. The device can be purchased in Italy as part of an additional promotion. Unfortunately, in other European countries, the device is currently only visible in an advertising campaign on Nokia's websites.

Nokia G42 5G will be available for purchase in India from September 15

I think it's ridiculous to postpone the sale date of the device, but Nokia Mobile India has published today the purchase date of the Nokia G42 5G device, which can be said to be certain in principle, and also the price of the device.

ScanWatch 2 is a quiet innovator in the world of fitness watches

Withings is a quiet innovator in the world of fitness watches. He created the first hybrid watch and created our favorite wearables that can be worn as watches. ScanWatch 2 is the company's most advanced watch to date, the sequel to the original ScanWatch from 2020. This year's newest addition is a temperature sensor that can predict when you're going to get sick.

Nokia 2660 Flip is now available in India in Pink and Lush Green colors

The Nokia 2660 Flip is available in India today in hot pink and a lush green after months of anticipation. Nokia Mobile India confirmed this extraordinary news on its Twitter account, in which Amazon India is now selling the Nokia 2660 Flip retro phone with a -24% discount for only Priced at INR 4,499 (GBP 43, EUR 50, USD 54) in pink and lush green.

Announcing the new Nokia Go Earbuds 2 headphones

HMD Global has announced the new Nokia Go Earbuds 2 headphones, which are a slimmer and slimmed-down version of last year's Nokia Go Earbuds 2+ designed for music lovers. Compact and lightweight earphones for enjoying music on the go. Enjoy clear calls with ambient noise canceling technology. They may be small, but the 10mm neodymium drivers deliver a rich and balanced sound.

Nokia G310 5G and Nokia C210 launch in the US

HMD Global announces two new affordable smartphones, the Nokia C210 and the Nokia G310 5G, which will be available in the United States through the carrier T-Mobile and/or its subsidiary Metro by T-Mobile.

Nokia 130 (2023) and Nokia 150 (2023) Feature Phones Launched in India Specs, Photos and Pricing

Combining nostalgia with modern functionality, HMD Global has launched two new 2G feature phones, Nokia 130 Music (2023) and Nokia 150 (2023) in the Indian market. Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the Nokia 130 Music carries on the torch of the 2017 Nokia 130 model. Meanwhile, the Nokia 150 (2023) takes over the mantle of its 2020 counterpart, embracing the essence of classic communication in today's world.

Rural UK ISP Wessex internet upgrade to 10 Gbps XGS-PON Fiber

Broadband ISP Wessex Internet, which is deploying a new Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network in rural parts of Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset, England, has announced that it has started expanding its network to 10Gbps XGS capability. Nokia's PON technology and DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing).

Nokia C32 available for sale in Nicaragua

The Nokia C32 smartphone, announced on February 25th, has already become available for purchase in Nicaragua, Central America, in contract and complete packages for only 149 USD (GBP 115, EUR 135 and INR 12255) and is currently available in the colors Charcoal, Autumn Green, Beach Pink at Tigo retailers.

Presentation of Nokia 150 (2023) and Nokia 130 (2023) phones on the world market

The Finnish HMD Global introduced two new basic phones to the global world market, which are the Nokia 150 (2023) and Nokia 130 (2023) phones. The Nokia 150 (2023) was previously released in China, and the Nokia 130 (2023) appears to be the same as the Nokia 125 (2023) seen in China.

Nokia G42 5G with free Nokia TWS-731 headphones can be purchased from July 24 in Poland

HMD Global, the manufacturer of Nokia phones, announced the upcoming store premiere of the Nokia G42 5G smartphone in Poland, which device will be on store shelves in the original purple color. The advantage of the device is the possibility of self-repair using the QuickFix kit. The device will be available in an interesting purple color and a more traditional gray version.

Nokia G42 5G is now available for purchase in Hungary

The Nokia G42 5G smartphone with the 50 MP camera with the AI algorithms presented by Nokia recently, i.e. on June 28, can already be purchased in Central European Hungary at Media Markt, Emag, 220 Volt, Aqua and Notebook retailers.

Nokia introduced its perfect dialer for a penny in the Chinese market

Anew iteration of the Nokia 150 feature phone has appeared in China, which only supports 2G communication and the functions known from this format. Modern smartphones are an almost ideal device for leisure and work tasks. However, many people prefer compact "dialers" to heavy smartphones. They are lightweight and with a wide range of functions, they do not distract from the important things.

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