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HMD Global has launched the HMD 105 and HMD 110 phones in India

HMD Global today launched its first feature phones in India under the newly created brand name 'HMD' in the form of HMD 105 and HMD 110. Both the phones come with a built-in UPI app that allows users to perform UPI transactions even without internet.

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One million HMD phones sold in M-Kopa Kenya

The Kenyan retailer M-Kopa reached the one millionth HMD phone sale in which the Nokia C22 and C32 smartphones were offered to customers, making HMD Global the number one phone manufacturer in the East African country.

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Get ready for wild smartphone-shaped sunglasses and backpacks just for phones

HMD and London Fashion Week designer Sinead Gorey launched 'The Phonecore Collection' to celebrate the launch of the HMD Pulse Pro. Phonecore designs that complement the new Pulse Pro include oversized phone-shaped sunglasses, a smartphone backpack and a belt that holds your phone.

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Nokia 3210 4G (2024) is now available for purchase in several countries in Asia

The Nokia 3210 (2024) 4G was launched in China and the Philippines last week. The model was first released a few days ago and was completely sold out within a short period of time. The new feature phone was a replica of the original model released several years earlier and celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Nokia 3210 feature phone. The appearance of the new model perfectly captures the original model. However, it has more functionality than the original phone.

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HMD Pulse, HMD Pulse Pro and HMD Pulse + are now available for purchase in Australia

Following the European and Asian markets, HMD Global has made the newly presented first HMD logo-branded HMD Pulse, HMD Pulse Pro and HMD Pulse + smartphones available in Australia, which are currently available for purchase at the JB Hi-Fi retailer.

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HMD Global introduced its Vibe phone in the United States, which is now available in stores

In April, HMD announced the HMD Pulse and Vibe as its own phone line, the long-awaited launch of the iconic Nokia unbranded device from which it had previously introduced the Pulse brand family. Of these, only the HMD Vibe would launch in the US. Now the device is finally available.

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HMD presents the enterprise smartphone - HMD Pulse+ Business Edition

Human Mobile Devices (HMD) has introduced the HMD Pulse+ Business Edition, an enterprise smartphone, and a solution designed to make software updates more secure for businesses. The HMD Pulse+ Business Edition is part of the brand's Pulse portfolio, which includes a standard, Pro and Plus version that was launched in April, targeting mainstream consumers.

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HMD XR21 and HMD T21 Tablet can now be purchased in several European markets

HMD Global has unveiled the new rebranded XR21 smartphone, originally launched under the Nokia brand name last year. This rugged phone is assembled in Europe, similar to the XR21 5G Limited Edition that was introduced a few months ago.

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HMD Global has officially announced the HMD T21 Tablet

Today, HMD Global officially announced the XR21 smartphone as well as the previously leaked T21 Tablet, which is already priced at EUR 299 (GBP 256, USD 322, INR 26886) with 4 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, Dual SIM capacity in Black Steel color available for purchase in Finland. The HMD T21 is a rebranded Nokia T21 tablet with only minor changes. This version has two SIM card slots, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage. A 4 + 64 GB version will also be available.

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The durable HMD XR21 phone has been released

Today, HMD Global announced its new XR21 smartphone, which is of course the HMD logo version of the XR21 smartphone announced by Nokia in the spring. Technically and externally, the device is the same, but the Nokia logo has changed to the HMD logo.

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