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Nokia X20 5G and Nokia G10 are now available for purchase in Germany

Already in the European market, in Germany, the Nokia X20 5G and Nokia X10 smartphones, announced on April 8, have become available in the official Nokia store, as well as in the Amazon online retailer offer in Germany.

Nokia G20 and Nokia G10 are now pre-ordered in the United States

The recently announced Nokia G20 and Nokia G10 smartphones, which are the new "G" series devices, have already been pre-ordered in the United States. Both Nokia Mobile smartphones will be available in the U.S. market from Amazon and B&H retailers.

Nokia X20 5G and Nokia G10 are now available in the UK

The recently unveiled Nokia X20 5G and Nokia G10 smartphones are now available in the UK and can be purchased at the official Nokia store.

Nokia X20 will be available for purchase from May 7 in Hong Kong

Nokia Mobile Officially Launches Latest 5G Nokia X20 The Nokia X20 has been officially launched in Hong Kong. Nokia Mobile has announced the prices and release time of its latest Nokia X20 5G smartphone in Hong Kong, Asia.

Pricing and expected release time for Nokia X20, X10, G20 and G10 smartphones in Germany

Several German retailers have already shared on their online sites the pricing and expected release time of the new Nokia X10, X20, G20 and G10 smartphones announced on April 8 in Germany.

Nokia 5.4 is now available in gold

Nokia 5.4 is officially announced on December 15, 2020 Nokia Mobile has continued to launch Arctic-inspired color devices, while Nokia 5.4 is available in Dusk and Polar night or simple purple and blue.

Nokia 8.3 5G in extraordinary action in Finland

If you still want to buy a Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone in Finland, you can do so now in an extraordinary promotion! The Finnish retailer Gigantti offers the Nokia 8.3 5G smartphone, which is Nokia's first 5G phone using the Snapdragon 765G platform, at an attractive price.

Nokia 5.3 when buying Nokia True Wireless E3101 gift in Indonesia

As part of another promotion, HMD Global has launched the Nokia True Wireless E3101 headset in the Indonesian market with the purchase of a Nokia 5.3 smartphone, which can be purchased for just 499.000 Rb at the official Nokia Mobile Store and the online Lazada & Blibli website.

Nokia G10 is now available in the Netherlands

The Nokia G10, the cheaper mid-range phone in the G-series, announced by Nokia Mobile in April, is now available for purchase in the Netherlands. The phone is available in night color (blue) and Dual SIM version with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage.

Nokia Mobile is launching a new phone charger, phone holder and transparent cases

Nokia Mobile plans to release new Nokia-branded accessories for its phones, which include a Nokia-branded 10,000 mAh charger, a car phone holder and two transparent protective cases.

Nokia True Wireless Earp10 and E3101 earphones and car chargers are coming soon in Asia

RicGo, Nokia’s brand license for chargers and audio accessories, has now introduced the new Nokia E3101 headset or Nokia True Wireless headset with three new car chargers.

Nokia 5.4 is now available for purchase in Ireland

From April 19, Nokia’s recently announced Nokia 5.4 smartphone will be available for purchase in Ireland from Three and Harvey Norman retailers for just € 159.

Nokia X20, X10, G20 and G10 can be pre-ordered and purchased in the UK

As you may have read here before, Nokia's new X, G and C series are now available for pre-order in almost every European country and for purchase in France and Germany. Now you can also view and buy new Nokia smartphones in the UK market from the Clove retailer offering the Nokia X10, X20, G20 and G10.

Nokia X20 is now available in Germany and France

The recently announced Nokia X20 smartphone has already been pre-ordered in several countries in Europe. The Nokia X20 smartphone measures almost any country in Europe and can be pre-ordered on Nokia's official website and is now available in Germany and France for € 399 for the 8/128 GB version of the X20.

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