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Nokia X20, C20 and C10 mobile data connection bug fixes

The one-time fix for Nokia X20, Nokia C20, and Nokia C10 data connectivity mobile issues experienced by users has been released by Nokia Mobile, which has a few steps that users need to follow if they encounter mobile data connectivity issues!

You can do it too

I'm sure many of you are asking, can this be done? How, because and how much does it cost? Almost every person in the world has a cell phone. One uses lower middle and upper class mobile phones to reach out to acquaintances, friends, siblings and parents. Use it because you can’t reach them more easily and quickly in a crowded city in your...

A flaw in Qualcomm modems allows hackers to record their phone calls

A new report from security firm Check Point Research says Qualcomm’s mobile station modem (MSM) could be exploited by hackers to record phone calls and more. MSM dates back to the early 1990s and was used in 2G / 3G / 4G and even 5G devices and shows a serious vulnerability that can be hacked remotely as easily as sending an SMS.

Nokia 8.3 5G Bootloader Unlock Method

HMD Global bootloader unlock policy is not conducive to users who are interested in modifying or rooting Nokia smartphones. The company still has not provided a bootloader unlock method for any of its devices except the Nokia 8.

Bootloader for Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 8.3 5G smartphones

I don’t know how official this is but one of the biggest leaks Hikari Calyx has posted a picture on his regular Twitter channel of those with Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 8.3 5G unlocking the phone’s launcher, allowing for some customizations.

Android 11 beta version of Nokia 8.1 X7 device

Watch this video demo by Hikari Calyx, a Chinese fan of China, showing everyone how Android 11 beta works on a Nokia 8.1 X7. The OS can be downloaded and installed for everyone by clicking on the link below! All of this is, of course, at YOUR OWN RISK!

Nokia 6.1, 6.2, 7.2, 6.1 Plus, 7.1 and Nokia 7 Plus based on Android 11 LineageOS

Android 11 custom ROMs based on the Lineage operating system, which are Nokia 6.1, Nokia 6.2, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 7 Plus, have become available for several Nokia smartphones. Surely years ago for Symbian OS, you also came across a custom (self-) cooked ROM.

Nokia 4.2 Microphone Problem After Installing Android 10 - Repair it Here!

Do you have a Nokia 4.2 phone? Have you experienced a microphone problem with your phone? Don't worry anymore, just follow the steps described and repair your Nokia 4.2 in your home. Unfortunately, this is not the first Nokia phone to have a microphone problem. If you remember, you have experienced microphone and other problems with several Nokia phones in the past.

Warns NSA - Turn off GPS on your cell phone

Well, if you don't want your phone to be a source of danger, don't allow location at all! Don't think that you have eliminated all sources of danger with this, because turning on Bluetooth and wifi on your device can also be a danger to you! When you turn on Bluetooth, a stranger can connect to your phone device in hidden mode and take control of it! Therefore, never store bank details and intimate photos on your phone! Unfortunately, this applies to all Bluetooth devices, so Tablet or a more modern smart watch!

Secretly stealing Facebook passwords - 25 android app

Caution! Did you download these apps too? If YES IMMEDIATELY DELETE from your phone! Cyber security company Evina has found 25 apps in the Play Store that secretly steal a user’s Facebook password after installation.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Nokia Phones - Android OS

I’m sure a lot of people are asking themselves how!? Here is a free way for you to perform an unlock bootloader on your Nokia phone. This process is licensed in every country in the world! No problem for anyone!

How to Unlock the Bootloader on Your Android Phone

Regarding the history, we’re not happy, but We’ll share with you several clever ideas for unlocking phones and computers user accounts, hidden storage, and android, iOS mobile operating system, Nokia phones in the coming days! Read on for the article and come back in the next few days.

Force Android 10 and above updates

If you’ve been waiting a long time for the Android 10 update and any other software updates to arrive on your Nokia Android smartphone and are available in other market (s), here’s a trick to help you get the updates. So by using a VPN, you can trick the software update system into downloading

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