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Hacker leaks data of thousands of Microsoft and Nokia employees

H acker "888" leaks personal data of Nokia and Microsoft employees on Breach forums. Data breaches at third-party contractors have exposed contact information, posing risks of identity theft and phishing. A hacker known as "888" leaked the personal and contact details of thousands of Nokia and Microsoft employees on the notorious cybercrime platform Breach Forums. According to the hacker, both leaks came from a data breach by a third-party contractor, meaning that neither Nokia nor Microsoft's servers were hacked or accessed directly.

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Nokia 8.3 5G can be repaired without unlocking the bootloader

D uring the week, it appeared that Nokia Mobile had created and made available a flawed May security patch for Nokia 8.3 5G smartphones and unfortunately succeeded in damaging some devices by rendering them unusable. An early fix, in the form of unlocking the device's bootloader, was suggested by Hikari Calyx a few days ago. Now it looks like there is another fix in case someone doesn't want to jailbreak the bootloader.

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Car thefts with a Nokia 3310 phone in the United States

We can already see a lot of cleverness over the past years, which could be carried out with a Nokia phone, and now we were able to see a video presented to us by the people of the American blog Vice. The Nokia 3310 can be a dangerous tool used by car thieves, in which the criminals hide the electronics used to hack into computers in the discreet housing of the mobile phone. The Americans showed how quickly a car can be started with such a Nokia.

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Converting a Nokia 1680 phone into a Linux computer

The Nokia 1680 was a phone introduced in 2008, just before smartphones became mainstream. Designed for calling and texting, this one has little extras, a small screen, a T9 numeric keypad and supports 2G networks.

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Criminals have found a clever way to capture private information from the air

The Nokia 1100 is a mobile phone launched in 2003 that still holds the world record for best-selling phones. If you add the 2003 and 2005 editions together, the Nokia 1100 has sold nearly 500 million units. In fact, it's a fun fact that a few years ago, the Nokia 8 model was included in the top 10 list of best-selling phones. In 2007, the Nokia 1100 was the best-selling mobile phone model in the world. In 2009, it was the third most common mobile phone in Finland.

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Security risks in 5G mobile and network

5G is an acronym for the fifth generation of wireless mobile networks. 5G networks will connect billions of devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), leading to use cases such as smart cities, AR/VR on mobile networks, remote medicine and more.

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How to Hack Mobile Networks - Chapter 1

I'm sure everyone has seen people on social media selling cheap voice or internet data plans from multiple carrier networks. Have you ever wondered how guys like this can pull off this kind of hacking? This also applies to security agencies that are able to intercept the telephone conversations of wanted persons or learn the location of any person using any mobile phone network. Mobile networks have a lot of security holes, and today we have to reveal some of those loopholes that hackers use.

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