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Nokia and Google Cloud collaborate to help developers worldwide create 5G applications faster with telco APIs

Now, Nokia’s Network as Code platform with developer portal will run on Google Cloud, enriching the developer experience via Google Cloud data and generative AI solutions and capabilities, including Vertex AI and Gemini 1.5 Pro. This will enable developers to easily consume AI in their applications and improve productivity with coding assistance agents.

Nokia Report reveals enterprises are scaling private wireless for additional uses cases and industrial sites

The Nokia report and related survey was conducted by GlobalData to gauge industry progress and return on investment (ROI) among private wireless early adopters in the manufacturing, transportation, and energy industries in countries including Australia, France, Japan, UK, and US.

Nokia announces changes to its Group Leadership Team

Lorna Gibb joined Nokia in 2020 and has been Nokia’s Interim Chief People Officer since March 2024. Prior to this role she served as Vice President, Labor and Employment, being a member of Nokia’s People and Legal & Compliance Leadership Teams. Lorna has over 20 years of experience working in people leadership roles for large scale global businesses in various industries and geographies.

Nokia and IMS Networks selected by National Research and Education Network, RENATER for data center deployments in Paris

Nokia will deploy its Data Center Fabric solution in Paris, in partnership with IMS Networks, a leading French network and cybersecurity managed services provider. As a result, RENATER will benefit from the latest features to enhance the performance and resilience of the network infrastructure, automate operations to facilitate management, and create new services ready for the AI era.

Nokia introduces Network Exposure Platform to expand and simplify network API exposure for service providers

Nokia Network Exposure Platform (NEP) is the first implementation of the GSMA Operator Platform, a standard that operators look to for operational guidance and reflects the telco industry’s need for solutions that satisfy the requirements of an array of API models. Nokia NEP, designed to be deployed with each service provider’s network...

Nokia launches AI-Powered Enterprise Networks Training Program to develop cross domain end-to-end network architects in Japan

Anticipating AI’s projected contribution of US$450 billion in value across various verticals and a US$7 trillion global GDP boost by 2030, the AI-Powered Enterprise Networks Training Program is part of Nokia’s ongoing Technology Strategy 2030 to equip communication service providers, enterprises, and industries to prepare for the transformative power of AI in the years ahead.

Nokia to upgrade County of Mendocino’s public safety data and communications network

The County selected solutions tailored to meet its unique requirements, including coverage for a large area and mountainous terrain, and to facilitate a seamless transition from its older time division multiplexing technology to a more advanced Internet Protocol (IP)-based network. This includes Nokia’s Wavence Microwave Packet Transceiver Plus (MPT-HLC Plus) which is fully integrated into Nokia’s 7705 Service...

Nokia makes world’s first immersive voice and audio call

The call was enabled by the new Immersive Voice and Audio Services (IVAS) codec technology which is part of the upcoming 5G Advanced standard. The IVAS codec allows consumers to hear sound spatially in real-time instead of today’s monophonic smartphone voice call experience. Lundmark demonstrated the distinctive acoustic dimensions that can be experienced with the new IVAS technology to Lindström while calling him from Nokia’s campus in Espoo.

Nokia unveils advanced DDoS countermeasures for improved protection against botnet and application-level DDoS attacks

Over the last two years, DDoS attacks have become more frequent, sophisticated, and potent with many CSPs and enterprises registering over 100 attacks daily. In 2023, more than 60% of all DDoS attacks were botnet-based, posing great challenges for legacy DDoS solutions and systems to detect and mitigate them. In 2024, DDoS threats come in a variety of new disguises, including free web browsing proxies that can be used to...

HKBN to launch Asia's first 25G PON broadband service with Nokia

Fiber is a futureproof, energy-efficient technology being used to connect everything to multi-gigabit services. With the growth of the digital economy, operators like HKBN are increasingly wanting to offer new services that can deliver the ultimate user experience and evolve with their customers' broadband needs.

Nokia and AccessPlus bring ultra-fast 10G PON broadband to Pittsfield, Massachusetts

With Nokia's XGS-PON solution, AccessPlus can deliver market-leading speeds, expand its addressable markets, and increase its competitive advantage. As a trusted provider to businesses, municipalities, and organizations, AccessPlus will also be able to offer multi-gigabit connectivity to enterprises to improve business performance. Using Nokia’s fiber solution...

Titan.ium's market-leading Signaling Firewall integrated with Nokia's Cybersecurity Dome, safeguarding operator networks with unparalleled efficiency

Nokia's NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome provides an innovative, multi-level orchestration and threat incident response software suite to more quickly detect, analyze, and mitigate telco security risks. Complementing this, Titan.ium's 2G/3G/4G/5G Signaling Firewall (SFW) delivers highly-scalable...

Nokia and Telia complete successful outdoor trial in 6 GHz range with Massive MIMO radio

With ever-increasing traffic growth and demand for mobile broadband, operators are looking for efficient ways to keep pace and deliver capacity and coverage where it is needed. New 5G-Advanced and 6G use cases will only add to this demand.

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