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HMD Global Enterprise launches its new EMM service, HMD Enable Pro

HMD Global, a manufacturer of Nokia phones, has launched a new software service called HMD Enable PRO. The Finnish company has previously filed an application for protection of the HMD Enable PRO name with EUIPO.

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Nokia delivers managed infrastructure services for BDBOS public safety network

Over an initial four-year contract, Nokia will support mission-critical communications infrastructure across German national, federal and local Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) agencies. By delivering an extensive range of managed infrastructure services, Nokia will ensure the highest levels of network availability.

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Nokia launches blockchain-powered Data Marketplace for secure data trading and AI models

As data volumes continue to surge, AI and machine learning are increasingly crucial in business decision making. Nokia Data Marketplace is designed to help enterprises and communications service providers (CSPs) use data in strategic decision making, by providing real-time access to massive trusted datasets.

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Pekka Lundmark confirms the risk of a lack of telecommunication chips

STOCKHOLM, April 29 (Reuters) - Pekka Lundmark has confirmed that the global shortage of semiconductor chips has not yet had a significant impact on Nokia. Regardless, the Finnish company will have to wait longer for supplies, sometimes for months, Nokia’s CEO said on Thursday.

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The huge MIMO radio will appear soon

For radio multiple input and multiple output i.e. MIMO, a procedure is multiplied by the capacity of a radio connection using multiple transmission and reception antennas to take advantage of multipath propagation. MIMO has become an essential component of wireless communication standards, including IEEE 802.11n (Wi-Fi), IEEE 802.11ac (Wi-Fi), HSPA + (3G), WiMAX, and Long Term Evolution (LTE). Recently, MIMO has been used for power line communication in three-wire installations as part of the ITU standard and the HomePlug AV2 specification.

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The US is touching Nokia to boost 6G

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) has set a goal for 6G by launching its single largest public-private partnership program, which has hired nine cloud, technology and telecommunications heavyweights to help academics develop technologies that define next-generation networks.

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HMD Global is no longer included in the Counterpoint report

As I read the report, I wondered if he was further down from this point. Is it possible that Nokia will get even lower in the phone sales statistics? Research firm Counterpoint published more detailed information on the development of the European smartphone market in the first quarter of 2021 a few days earlier.

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Nokia ranked as number one in 5G patents

The strength of Nokia’s industry leading 5G patent portfolio has once again been confirmed by an independent third party. In its study on Standard Essential Patents (published April 2021), independent analyst firm PA Consulting concluded that Nokia is number one for ownership of granted patents that the researchers found essential to 5G standards.

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Nokia extends broadband to remote Native American tribes in the US

The program will serve tribal lands with a license for broadband and wireless networking buildouts and Nokia is playing its part by extending next generation private wireless to parts of North and South Dakota, Oklahoma and California.

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