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Nokia 5310 (2024) specifications and photo album

HMD Global, the licensee for Nokia-branded phones, recently updated three of its classic feature phones for 2024: the Nokia 6310, 5310, and 230. These new phones have the classic Nokia design, but there are. some modern features like USB-C charging ports that make charging convenient. However, they still only offer 2G connectivity.

Nokia 6310 (2024) specifications and photo album

Several old devices received a new version in Nokia's offer this year, none of them offer much, moreover, they do so on a fixed and only 2G network. In my opinion, what has changed is that the Nokia 6310 (2024), Nokia 5310 (2024) and Nokia 230 (2024) also got a larger battery and a Type-C connector, not that they did not go with the functionality they offer, which of course was not expanded. for a satisfactory time so far.

Nokia 230 (2024) specifications and photo album

HMD has taken a new multi-brand approach to its smartphones, but is sticking with the Nokia name. The Finnish manufacturer has just launched three new devices, all modern twists on the classics – Nokia 230 (2024).

Nokia G42 5G display replacement video

Watch this unique video, in which you can see the replacement of the Nokia G42 5G smartphone screen with the help of Techno Rabin, who shows you how to replace the damaged screen of your smartphone. There is no need to be afraid of repairing a phone, as many people think. Simply watch the video several times and replace the display base in your own home without taking it to a service center.

Nokia 808 Pureview and Samsung S24 Ultra camera comparison

In January, Samsung presented its latest S24 Ultra smartphone with an OIS camera system on the world market, which you can see in this video comparing the camera with the Nokia 808 Pureview camera, which was launched earlier in 2012. I don't think I need to add many comments to the comparison, but let's note that the S24 Ultra has a 200 MP camera, while the 808 Pureview only has a 41 MP camera.

Nokia 150 (2023) vs Nokia 210 comparison

If the X generation likes the old-style push-button phones, let's take a look at the comparison of two push-button Nokia 150 (2023) and Nokia 210 devices, because this can be decisive for everyone when buying a pre-designed phone.

Nokia C210 disassembly and assembly videos

On August 15, HMD Global America announced the two latest flagship Nokia C210 and Nokia G310 5G smartphones in the American markets, of which you could already see an assembly video of the G310 5G phone yesterday, but now you can view the complete disassembly and assembly videos of the G310 5G device, which, as you may already be used to, was produced by Techno Rabin.

Nokia G310 5G assembly video

And lo and behold, the assembly video of the Nokia G310 5G smartphone recently presented by HMD Global has arrived, which of course was disassembled by Techno Rabin before making the assembly video, so that you can see how to assemble this brilliant device.

Nokia G42 5G disassembly and assembly videos

Of course, Techo Rabin also disassembled the Nokia G42 5G smartphone announced on Wednesday, showing you the internal structure of the device. The Nokia G42 5G was presented on Wednesday. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 SoC. Said to be affordable, sustainable and durable, the device was launched with replaceable parts, including the display, battery and charging port.

Nokia C22 disassembly and assembly video

Nokia C22 is a smartphone that was announced on February 25, 2023. The device is a budget smartphone with 4G connectivity and features that make it suitable for everyday use. The Nokia C22 is a lightweight smartphone that weighs 190g and is made with a plastic back, plastic frame and glass front. The phone has a splash and dust resistant design which is an added advantage for this phone.

Nokia XR21 5G disassembly video

Take a look at Techno Rabin's latest teardown video, where you can see the disassembly of the newly launched Nokia Mobile's toughest smartphone, the Nokia XR21 5G. Rabin, who disassembles all new Nokia devices, shows you the internal structure of the newly announced XR21 5G smartphone in this video.

Disassembly of Nokia 02 4G smartphone

Techno Rabin prepared for you with lightning speed the disassembly video of the Nokia 02 4G smartphone presented in South Africa a few days ago, which you can watch below. Nokia 02 4G, the latest member of the "C" family, debuted in Africa, which Nokia intended only for African users will soon be available for purchase in designated stores.

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