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Nokia C30 disassembly and assembly video from Techno Rabin

Nokia yesterday unveiled its latest smartphones including the Nokia C30. Now take a look at the disassembly and assembly videos of the Nokia C30, which, as we can get used to, was made by Rabin! Rabin, who accidentally takes every Nokia phone to pieces and, of course, puts it together afterwards!

Nokia C1 2nd Edition Disassembly and Assembly videos

Check out Techno Rabin’s another disassembly and assembly video showing the recently announced Nokia C1 2nd Edition. Rabin is the installer of Nokia phones in which he has already dismantled almost all Nokia phones. I don’t think there is another Nokia phone that Rabin wouldn’t have disassembled and of course assembled.

Techno Rabin Nokia C20 assembly video

Watch Techno Rabin’s latest assembly video to see the dismantling of the recently unveiled low-end Nokia C20 smartphone.

Nokia C01 Plus Disassembly and Assembly video

Rabin was able to get the low-end Nokia C01 Plus extremely quickly, which Nokia has already officially announced and of course made disassembly and assembly videos.

Nokia C20 unpacking video with LKCN capture

Check out this new unpacking video this time made by LKCN on the recently unveiled Nokia C20 low-end smartphone. The video has a couple of interesting things, among other things, inserting the phone battery and SIM, SD cards. It was interesting to see that the battery had to be inserted before the phone was put into operation after removing the back cover.

Nokia C20 Disassembly video by Techno Rabin

Check out Techno Rabin’s latest disassembly video, in which you can see the disassembly of the recently unveiled low-end Nokia C20 smartphone.

Nokia G10 Disassembly and Nokia X20 Disassembly and Assembly Videos by Techno Rabin

And lo and behold, Techno Rabin reassembled and reassembled Nokia’s latest phones, which he shared on the YouTube video channel. Watch Rabbin disassembly and assembly videos, in which you can see the latest Nokia G10 disassembly and assembly disassembly videos for Nokia X20.

Photos of Nokia X20, X10, G20, G10, C10 and C20

View the full photo album of Nokia's latest handsets announced on April 8th here where you can see photos of the Nokia X20 and Nokia X10, Nokia G20 and Nokia G10 and Nokia C10 and Nokia C20.

Nokia X10 and X20 disassembly and assembly videos from Techno Rabin

Techno Rabin reassembles and reassembles more and more Nokia phones for Nokia fans to see the internal accessories of their favorite Nokia phones, not just the sketch of the external devices. Now watch Rabin’s newer videos showing disassembly and assembly videos for Nokia smartphones but most of all the disassembly of the newly unveiled Nokia X20 and the disassembly and reassembly of the Nokia X10.

Nokia G20 disassembled and assembled video from Techno Rabin

Watch the first disassembly and assembly video of the Nokia G20 unveiled yesterday. Watch the videos in which Rabin in ESD gloves carefully removes the Sim card tray, removes the back of the device with the rubber adhesive disc, and then disassembles the G20 smartphone with a screwdriver...etc.

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