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Nokia G100 smartphone disassembly and assembly

And now you can watch another disassembly and assembly video of Rabin, in which you can see the recently unveiled Nokia G100 smartphone. Rabin, who is dismantling every Nokia phone, will show you the internal elements and structure of the G100 low-end smartphone in this brilliant video!

Nokia C100 disassembly and assembly videos

Following yesterday’s Nokia C200 videos, the disassembly master, Rabin, also made an unpacking video for the Nokia C100 low-end smartphone, which you can now watch for the first time here.

Nokia C200 disassembly and assembly videos

Check out these videos showing the disassembly and assembly videos of the low-end smartphone unveiled at the Nokia C200 at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. The videos are, of course, made by Techno Rabin, a master of Nokia phones, and show you the internal accessories of the C200.

Nokia C21 Plus, Nokia C21 and Nokia C2 2nd Edition disassembly and assembly video

Be the first to see the disassembly and assembly videos for the recently unveiled Nokia C21 Plus, Nokia C21 and Nokia C2 2nd Edition smartphones.

Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 disassembly and assembly video

Just a week ago, HMD Global unveiled the latest handsets in the "G" series, the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 smartphones, which already feature the latest camera designs.

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