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Nokia C32 disassembly video

Watch Techno Rabin's video again, in which you can see the disassembly of the recently introduced Nokia C32 smartphone. I don't know why, but at the moment Rabin only made the disassembly video, but let's hope that he will share the assembly video with us soon.

Nokia G22 disassembly and assembly video

Watch Techno Rabin's latest video, in which you can see the disassembly and assembly of the Nokia G22 smartphone presented on February 25. By clicking on the link below, I can see more disassembly and assembly videos made by Techno Rabin, with which you can also support his work.

Nokia C12 disassembly and assembly videos

On January 18, Nokia Mobile presented the latest mid-range Nokia C12 smartphone, for which master Techno Rabin made disassembly and assembly videos, which you can now watch.

Repair Nokia X30 by replacing parts

Watch this new video made by Techno Rabin showing you how to repair and replace parts of the new Nokia X30 5G smartphone.

Selling Nokia accessories in Australia

Nokia accessories, including car accessories, charging cables, earphones and headphones, power banks and USB cables, have become available in Australia at retailer 4Fans.

Nokia T21 Tablet disassembly and assembly videos

Watch Techno Rabin's latest videos, in which he disassembles and reassembles the Nokia T21 Tablet announced on September 1, so you can see the internal accessories of the Tablet.

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