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Car thefts with a Nokia 3310 phone in the United States

23. 04. 2023 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / The key / Exact time: BST / Print this page

We can already see a lot of cleverness over the past years, which could be carried out with a Nokia phone, and now we were able to see a video presented to us by the people of the American blog Vice. The Nokia 3310 can be a dangerous tool used by car thieves, in which the criminals hide the electronics used to hack into computers in the discreet housing of the mobile phone. The Americans showed how quickly a car can be started with such a Nokia.

When stealing a car using the Nokia 3310 method, you need to connect to the CAN bus. Thieves don't even need a minute to break into the car and start the engine. Car thieves do not stand idly by. There have been "suitcases" and "Game Boy", now it's time for the "Nokia 3310". In such a house, hackers have now decided to hide a device used to trick car electronics. Modified old cell phones are a popular tool for thieves in the United States.

In the video, we see a man sitting behind the wheel of an older generation Toyota RAV4 and repeatedly trying to start it with the button. Nothing, the car won't start. After a while, you connect the USB cable to the "Nokia 3310" and press the main button several times and the message "Connect. Download" appears. data” appears on the black and white screen. Then he tries to start the car again - this time successfully.

Thieves can break into vehicles just as easily. To open the door without a key, all they have to do is reach the cable harness behind the headlight, plug the two wires of the aforementioned hacking device into the car's connector and ... that's it! Opening the car is as easy as starting the engine later. Devices hidden under the housing of unsuspecting and popular electronic devices cheat the car's CAN bus. In short, bombarded with a series of messages, the signal of the "detected" correct key is finally smuggled in and transmitted to the central locking or drive unit controls.

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