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Nokia X20 5G first demo videos

Following yesterday’s official announcement, a couple of bloggers have already managed to make a video showing the Nokia X20 5G, an affordable merchandise smartphone officially announced by Nokia Mobile.

Nokia 1.4 and Nokia 5.4 disassembly and assembly videos

Check out the latest video compilation of the Techno Rabin channel on the Nokia 1.4 and Nokia 5.4 smartphones, where you can see the disassembly and assembly of the devices. Techno Rabin people always make more videos about Nokia’s latest phone handsets, showing how to disassemble and reassemble the devices.

Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 5.3 comparison video

Check out this comparison video for Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 5.3, where you can see a test of the two smartphone cameras. The tests were conducted by several blogs under different lighting conditions.

Nokia 8 V 5G UW Review and Unpacking

Check out this "unpacking video" made by my friend Myriam, who lives in the US, demonstrating the Nokia 8 V 5G UW smartphone camera and other features. Myriam analyzes the capabilities and capabilities of the phone quite nicely in relation to the devices available in the U.S. market. He also took a few photos to show you the performance and image quality of the 64MP Nokia 8 V 5G UW camera.

Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 3.4 smartphone tests comparisons

People at Ultra Value Tech have made several new videos comparing the new Nokia 5.4 to the Nokia 3.4. In the video, we can see a general comparison of the test of screens and cameras.

Nokia 5.4 disassembly and assembly video

Check out these two videos that TechnoRabin has once again shown us disassembling and assembling Nokia 5.4 to show us that this smartphone can be opened with a guitar choice. I don’t know if the glue heating process is missing from the video, but I didn’t see glue on the inside of 5.4, which means it could be one of the easiest smartphones to fix.

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