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Nokia first to announce manufacturing of broadband network electronics products for BEAD program in U.S.

Using thin strands of glass to transmit data with light, fiber-optic networks have become the backbone of today’s digital economy and are used to connect everything to fast, reliable gigabit data services. Seventy percent of fiber broadband lines in North America are powered by Nokia.

Nokia expands manufacturing in U.S. to fiber broadband optical modules for BEAD program

Optical modules are a key high-tech component of fiber broadband networks. They convert electrical signals into light and vice versa, and are essential for connecting homes to high speed, multi-gigabit broadband. By manufacturing these optical modules in the U.S., Nokia continues to expand its list of products...

Nokia expands network-in-a-box program to speed up and simplify broadband network builds and BEAD projects

Bringing high-speed access to households or communities is an intricate process that can challenge the most experienced broadband network builders. Operators need to be able to source a wide range of components and networking equipment all while ensuring their quality and compatibility.




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