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Nokia and T-Mobile are developing 5G private mobile networks

02. 09. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The pair has been working on the partnership since the beginning of the year to deliver solutions that are part of T-Mobile's 5G Advanced Network Solutions, a 5G network suite that enables applications to deliver superfast speeds to enterprises and government.

The aim is to verify the connection, lower latency and super fast speed in the end market. This week, the partnership celebrated accelerated achievements to date, which include accelerating innovation while enabling new 5G capabilities across networks.

It has entered a new era of innovation, and leveraging 5G for better experiences seems to be the way forward. In a statement at the beginning of May, T-Mobile Business Group Vice President of Strategy, Product and Solutions Engineering Mishka Dehghan confirmed that T-Mobile has a long-term and reliable partnership with Nokia for their national mobile network.

Mishka Dehghan confirmed that T-Mobile has a long-standing and trusted partnership with Nokia for their national mobile network: "Nokia is a leader in end-to-end private wireless network solutions with extensive experience in building private networks in the enterprise and industrial verticals."

Both Nokia and T-Mobile have been working on 5G tests as part of the T-Mobile 5G Open Innovation Lab. With a shared goal of finding advanced 5G applications, the Lab brings together global technology leaders, industry partners and niche startups to help realize the potential of 5G. Previously, 5G Advanced Network solutions outside of private 5G networks were challenging. The idea is to provide customers with affordable 5G network services that deliver adequate performance while providing benefits over Wi-Fi networks.

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