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Dumb phone sales rise again in the US

30. 08. 2023 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

L ooking at the sales statistics of the dumb phones, which was prepared again by Counterpoint Research, it became visible that the sales statistics of the Z generation dumb phones increased in the United States. It sounds ridiculous, but it is true that while several service providers are active in the development efforts of 5G technology and later 6G technology, today's young generation likes the use of push-button phones with a small design that only support 4G connections.

Given the relatively cheap price of feature phones, more people are trying out these devices and sharing their experiences on social media. Smartphones became widespread almost immediately after their appearance. As a result, the US cell phone market has shrunk significantly over the past 10 years. Currently, the phone market contributes just over 2% of total handset sales in the United States. Among the players serving this segment of the market, TCL, which manufactures branded and white-label capacity phones for major service providers, leads the pack with a 43% share due to its strong presence in service provider channels. HMD is in second place with a 26% share, while other smaller players make up the rest of the market.

In addition, carrier and OEM connections play an important role in the dynamics. The big three US carriers - AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile - are exploring OEM opportunities for various feature phones, which has made the US phone market more crowded recently, especially as carriers move away from TCL devices and they prefer to try smaller OEMs. like Tinno and FIH, which made devices for AT&T's white-label phones.

Feature phones will continue to dominate the market and will likely see uniform delivery, aided by affordability and durability to suit specific use cases. While the increase in numbers may not be huge, there is still demand for consumers looking for a functional phone as a digital detox mechanism.

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