Verizon US June 2022 Security Update for Nokia Devices

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V erizon, the U.S. wireless network operator, released its latest security update for Nokia phones yesterday, which will be available for devices soon. A security update is required for all devices for privacy reasons, and Verizon Networks has released the June 2022 security update for a number of corporate devices.

Android security patches keep your phones more secure from a variety of malicious activities and CVEs that could steal your privacy and personal information.

Nokia 8 V 5G UW Software Update:

System Update:

Release date: 06/04/2021

Android Security Patch Level: April 2021

Software Version: 00VPO_1_350

In this article, we inform you of all the June 2022 security fixes for Google, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nokia, and OnePlus on Verizon networks in the United States.

Android security patches:

The latest Android security patch (June 2022) offers more privacy features and has resolved a number of security and privacy issues from Google, including some critical, high, and some moderate CVEs.

The June update includes the latest Android security patch, as well as improvements in a number of areas, including performance, stability, battery life, and more. The Update is only available on the Verizon Network in the United States!

The most serious of these is a high vulnerability in the Media Framework component that could allow a local malicious application to bypass operating system protection, which separates application data from other applications. The severity assessment is based on the potential impact that exploiting the vulnerability could have on the affected device, provided that the platform and downgrading are disabled for development purposes or successfully bypassed.

What's New - Manage your conversations: Get all your messages in one place - One-time permissions: Give one-time permissions to apps that need a microphone, location camera - Google Play system updates: More security. and privacy patches sent to your phone, directly on Google Play - Google 2021-03 Security Patch Advice Notice - We encourage users to use Wi-Fi wherever possible to download updates. If you want to use a mobile phone connection, please note that downloading data over a mobile network (including roaming) may incur additional costs - contact your network operator if you have any problems.

The most serious of these problems is a critical vulnerability in the System Component that could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code using a specially crafted transfer in a privileged process. The severity assessment is based on the potential impact that exploiting the vulnerability could have on the affected device, provided that platform and service mitigation is disabled for development purposes or is successfully circumvented.

You can read the full details of the Verizon June security update here.

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