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Pure is a flexible, future-proof design system created by Nokia

29. 03. 2023 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The redesign announced by Nokia at the MWC 2023 event is not only about a new business strategy and logo, because Nokia has reworked everything and developed a completely new design style for this company, in which it also transformed the style of Pure.

The new design style was developed to bring more unity to the digital products offered by Nokia. The new logo is just the beginning, but Nokia Pure is everywhere, in every digital interface, app and software component, and it looks great.

The Pure design system is Nokia's own system, into which we do not see as deeply as, say, the Audi CI, but it is still worth reviewing the Pure page.

Nokia Pure is a flexible design system consisting of templates, components and tools used to design Nokia digital products and experiences. The system simplifies the design process in a fast and intuitive way, helping designers and developers to collaborate more smoothly.

It is easy to use and provides clear instructions for using the system and developing designs and prototypes. Unnecessary complexity and noise were avoided in the design of the system to make it as user-friendly as possible.

The Nokia Pure design system has five principles:

  • clean
  • simple
  • human
  • bold and open
  • Nokia Pure brings not only the new Nokia Blue colors, but also typography, illustrations, UI icons, app icons, illustrations, data visualizations and more. These principles form the basis of the design system and reflect the essence of Nokia's brand values. The Nokia Design System has won numerous awards, including the Red Dot and iF Design Awards.

    The new Nokia Pure design style would be applied to the Nokia UI for smartphones, more likely to be experienced through a Nokia app like Nokia WiFi. Nokia does not even use Nokia smartphones for promotional purposes.

    Nokia Pure is a new design system created to produce consistent, flexible and future-proof digital products. The system consists of core elements, components, templates and guidelines, all of which facilitate the creation of a fresh, clean and minimal new style for Nokia digital products in line with the new brand look and feel.

    Nokia Pure

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