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PLDT Group and Nokia align with digitally empowered business environment

01. 04. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

N umerous research studies have shown that digital transformation remains an essential strategy for businesses to stay relevant. The Harvard Business Review predicts that in the coming years, transformative technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence and the cloud will be at the forefront of mass adoption, while global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company reports that 71 of the world's 79 largest consumer companies will % is already deposited in the metaverse. And as businesses today face sustainability challenges, this can be achieved through data-driven insights and innovative solutions.

These were the hot topics at the 2022 Philippine Digital Congress (PH Digicon). PLDT Enterprise, the business arm of PLDT, the largest fully integrated telecommunications service provider, discussed how innovations are expected to change the business environment after the pandemic in a panel discussion titled "Going Beyond the Future of Tech."

Moderated by PLDT and Smart FVP and Group Head of Corporate Communications Catherine Yap-Yang, the panel was joined by ePLDT President and CEO Victor Genuino, Nokia VP and Head of Southeast Asia Daniel Jaeger, and Cisco IOT APJC Senior Sales.

“Companies have realized that to remain relevant to their customers, they must digitally transform themselves, disrupt themselves and the way they do business,” says Victor Genuino, President and CEO of ePLDT.

When it comes to disruption, global tech giant Nokia is a trailblazer. Operating in various industries for over 155 years, Nokia focused its activities on large-scale telecommunications infrastructure, technology development and licensing only in the 1990s.

Since then, Nokia has operated in 130 countries, won nine Nobel Prizes and is a trusted partner for mission-critical networks, committed to innovation and technology leadership in mobile, fixed and cloud networks.

Instead of "connecting people" it became "helping the world act together".

"Indeed, the slogan we have now is much bigger than the previous one," says Daniel Jaeger, Nokia's vice president and head of Southeast Asia. “It hasn't changed completely, but… it's gotten a little bigger. Yes, we will continue to connect people with the technology we have built and our partners like Smart and PLDT, but it goes way beyond that.”

Just like the theme of the 2022 conference, Nokia will continue to embody what it means to be 'borderless' for its partners and customers, expanding its technology portfolio to help build more productive, sustainable and inclusive capabilities. post-pandemic world.

Nokia's commitment and capabilities are enhanced by its commitment to an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. As they said at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference or the COP26 climate summit in November 2021: "There is no green without digital". Nokia wants to be at the forefront of the global stage in making digitization central to addressing the climate challenge.

Jaeger reinforced this commitment when he said, "Of course we start at home, and the first question is how do we make the networks we build as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible?"

"It's not just a task that we have to do," he continues. "But it's really a contribution that we, the broader communications industry, need to make."

Nokia called for accelerated digitization and the use of green energy, and committed to use 100% renewable electricity in its own operations by 2025.

ePLDT, on the other hand, has been an advocate for sustainability by pushing for greener data centers in the country. Genuino believes that sustainability starts with customers.

“We've been asked tough questions that are forcing us to reevaluate how we run our business,” he says. "Our customers drive us to be innovative in building our data centers, sourcing our energy and managing our operations."

More than serving its customers, it has been one of PLDT Group's core values to strive for a sustainable future while continuously building infrastructures to improve the country's digital ecosystem.

From helping the world connect to creating the greenest possible environment, Nokia and the PLDT Group are paving the way for the future – a sustainable and transformative future.

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