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Oneplus and Oppo are leaving the European market

27. 03. 2023 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Business / Exact time: BST / Print this page

O ppo and OnePlus are struggling in Europe due to a patent dispute with Nokia. It prevented them from promoting their products in Germany. Companies are also facing a shrinking smartphone market in Europe, which does not bode well for their prospects. Reports suggest that the two BBK Electronics-owned entities are now preparing to exit most, if not all, European markets, including the UK.

According to Chinese publication 36Kr, Oppo is preparing to pull the plug on Germany and the UK. The company operated at a loss. And while there is interest in its devices in Europe, the return on investment is not high. Oppo's slow approach to European markets has made sense before. But there are concerns about macroeconomic developments, such as inflation, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And the shrinking of the smartphone market has changed the brand's opinion.

Max Jambor, a prolific leaker, reports that OnePlus is also leaving Europe. Both companies begin their retreat with Germany, the UK, France and the Netherlands. For now, they remain in Spain, Switzerland, Italy and a few other European markets. But this may change in the long run.

This development is not good news for the competition and will result in fewer choices for users. Prior to these reports, OnePlus and Oppo had already lost a patent dispute with Nokia in Germany. Which prevented companies from promoting their products in the country. Oppo established its European headquarters in Germany. So that might have been one of the factors that tipped the scales in favor of leaving.

There is currently no news about the other BBK Electronics brands. It seems that Vivo is not affected by the decision for the time being. And the company recently presented its latest flagship phone, the Vivo X90 Pro. However, this doesn't seem to be a factor for OnePlus and Oppo. Oppo launched the Find N2 Flip in Europe a few months ago. OnePlus also made its flagship OnePlus 11 available in the region.

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