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Nokia won the INFLUENCE project

29. 04. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The goal of the INFLUENCE project is to build a system based on Intent Based Management, which allows companies to express the needs of application use cases in a non-technical language, which is then translated into network configuration instructions. This enables services to be implemented and monitored for optimization based on learning algorithms. These developments are validated for both industrial use and event use.

Paris, France – Nokia announced the signing of a consortium agreement for the INFLUENCE project under the France Relance plan and the roadmap of the Digital Infrastructure Sector Strategy Committee. The aim of the project is to simplify and automate access to the dedicated 5G network slice of the public network for companies of all sizes, tailored to their needs, with the visibility of the guarantee of the provided service in a "network as a service" approach.

Three main areas will initially be implemented as part of the project:

  • Research and innovation
  • Industrial usage
  • Use in events
  • Research and Innovation Axis By Nokia Bell Labs in collaboration with Orange led research work focuses on simplifying and automating access to a dedicated 5G network slice, and the guarantee of the provided service becomes visible. Simplifying the network is one of the design goals of 6G. The innovations brought by the project partners are of several types:

  • A simplified way to describe and request private services over the public network for enterprise applications
  • Automation that converts the requested service into a public network slice deployment configuration
  • Using artificial intelligence to simplify the management of sophisticated services for warranties and end-to-end service assurance (radio, core and transport).
  • Using artificial intelligence to simplify the management of sophisticated services for warranties and end-to-end service assurance (radio, core and transport). Industrial applications Allows companies to use the Paris Saclay Hardware Accelerator (PSHA) to test the use of private connections (via a dedicated 5G network slice) and measure the benefits, especially in terms of increased production performance, use of digital twins and predictive maintenance. . In this use case, we are particularly interested in automating the implementation of the network slice.

    It allows event attendees to test the use of a private 5G network to improve the viewer experience by providing an immersive experience and greater access to specific audiences. In collaboration with Augmented Acoustics, the developer of SupraLive, viewers can listen and mix different audio streams live for an immersive audio experience. As part of the Influence project, a new B2C functionality is being tested directly in the application of on-site and off-site viewers, as well as the automation of the network slice dedicated to the requested services.

    Jean-Luc Beylat, Head of Ecosystems, Strategy and Technologies and Head of Bell Labs France, stated: "This project is structured for Nokia Bell Labs because it allows us to explore our network within an ecosystem that represents the value of a service" approaches and automating the setup and management of network services. The project also allows us to experiment with these approaches with our partners on specific and valuable use cases.

    Offer the companies a service contract created at the same time as the personalization of the offer (Service Level Agreement). The INFLUENCE project relies on innovative solutions developed with various partners, including CNAM and ESIEE, which develop machine learning algorithms such as anomaly detection and monitoring solutions. For its part, Montimage develops innovative solutions for network monitoring, the fast and secure deployment of 4G/5G networks, and the analysis of business activities and data.

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