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Andrea Bocelli live 5G 360 degree 8k virtual concert at Nokia Arena

05. 04. 2023 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

T hey had a virtual concert experience yesterday in Finland, when the concert of the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, who performed at the Nokia Arena, was broadcast to Helsinki via Elisa's 5G network. 360-degree cameras and Nokia's millimeter-wave 5G base stations were in use in the arena.

The 8k-level video image and stereo sound of the 360-degree cameras were sent to Helsinki in almost real time on Elisa's commercial 5G network. The cameras placed in the Nokia Arena used Nokia and Elisa's 5G millimeter wave network, which allowed multi-gigabit download and transmission speeds in addition to the capacity.

Kepit Systems was responsible for the software technology related to the streaming of the concert. The virtual concert experience was realized with the help of the 360-degree cameras installed in the Nokia Arena, the 5G network and the Helsinki VR glasses. The Helsinki audience could move around the arena in virtual reality and follow the events of the concert.

Andrea Bocelli's concert in Tampere yesterday at the Nokia Arena was one of the first commercial concerts in the world to be broadcast live in 360-degree virtual reality over a 5G network.

The new technologies used at yesterday's concert will also open up new opportunities for arena events independent of the location in the future, because not every artist's tour passes through Finland, but virtual reality can offer a solution for this as well. "This is another example of our pioneering collaboration with Elisa," says Ari Kynäslahti, Strategy and Technology Director, Nokia Mobile Networks.

The 5G millimeter wave network delivered by Nokia guarantees ultra-fast data transmission speed, low latency and high capacity.

Last June, a speed test was already carried out in Tampere, when Elisa, Nokia and Qualcomm achieved the world's highest data transmission speed of 2.1 gigabits from the terminal to the network (uplink) in a commercial 5G network. The transmission speed of 2.1 gigabytes is a continuation of the world record for 5G network download speed (downlink) set by Elisa, Nokia and Qualcomm in November 2020. The disc used the same 26 gigahertz millimeter wave frequency as yesterday's concert in Elisa's commercial 5G network in Tampere. Nokia Arena is one of the first stadiums in the world to have a 26 gigahertz base station. Elisa also uses Nokia base stations supporting the same frequency in the capital region.

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