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Nokia takes action against smartphone retailers in Germany

27. 05. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

L awyers for network operator Nokia have stepped up their action against smartphone makers Oppo and OnePlus. Nokia has now even taken action before the Mannheim District Court against online retailers who allegedly violated Oppo's ban on sales.

Nokia announced through its press agency that the Mannheim District Court made it clear that the preliminary injunction obtained by Nokia specifically prohibits a group of German retailers from selling OnePlus and Oppo branded smartphones. The service providers continued to sell the devices even after the sales ban ordered by Nokia. Well-known dealers simply resold the devices. The court concluded yesterday that resellers who continue to sell OPPO devices in Germany are also infringing a patent.

The following merchants are affected: Brodos, Komsa, Otto, Cyberport, Drillisch, 1&1, Logitel, Expert, Freenet and MMS-E-Commerce.

The sales ban ordered a while ago against Oppo and thus OnePlus goes back to the patent dispute with Nokia. These are payments for the use of a patent for detecting hidden WiFi networks, which Oppo allowed the patent to expire in a previous license agreement, and subsequent negotiations to continue paying license fees demanded by Nokia have since failed. Nokia's patent infringement actions have already had very drastic consequences for Oppo. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer also started with big ambitions in Germany a few years ago. First of all, they wanted to profit by losing Huawei in the local market and, so to speak, step into the infringement. In the meantime, however, Oppo initiated the withdrawal from the German market, in which, among other things, the closure of the local branch of the German market is expected. The company's website in Germany has also been completely "emptied" recently.

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