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Nokia sees significant development opportunities in the Greek market

27. 04. 2023 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

R olf Werner, Nokia's European head, described Greece as a "big market" offering significant growth and opportunities when speaking to Infocom at the company's European sales conference held in Athens in mid-April.

He noted that the Finnish giant has important development plans for the Greek market, stressing that our country was chosen for the implementation of the specific conference, which was attended by Nokia's sales managers and presidents of business groups from all over Europe.

After all, this choice is also an extension of the company's investments in Greece, for example in the field of research and development.

On this topic, Mr. Konstantinos Koronaios, Head of Nokia Greece, noted that Nokia's main objective in Greece remains to further strengthen its partnerships with key market customers, thus respecting their trust in the company when they choose it. as a "strategic partner". At the same time, the goal is to support the Greek state on its "road" towards the digitization of our country's infrastructure, such as buildings, services and networks.

Mr. Koronaios emphasized that Nokia has been continuously active in Greece for the past thirty years. Today it employs more than 1000 people, as the number one ICT R&D SW center in Greece, with further development plans.

According to Mr. Werner, one of the opportunities with great growth potential in Greece is the development of fiber optic networks.

As Nokia's European manager said, fiber penetration in our country is still at a moderate level compared to other European countries and the EU average, he remains optimistic and emphasizes that Nokia is here to help its customers and the Greek state in further development of these infrastructures. He clarified: Greece is not the only country where the relative rates are at a moderate level, but here "there is considerable opportunity and momentum based on the investments announced by the main players for the coming years".

Speaking about the recent rebranding at Mobile World Congress 2023, Mr. Werner said it was a symbolic way for Nokia to showcase the progress it has made and the new strategy it is pursuing, giving it the opportunity to change its path. he sees himself as motivating himself and at the same time motivating his people and colleagues, who seems very optimistic about the future.

Regarding the challenges facing European telecommunications operators, he argued that there are three: the first concerns energy consumption and the issue of sustainability, in which Nokia offers a "strong portfolio". The second is in the issue of security, which is a key issue as it relates to how you "securely offer critical infrastructure" to customers such as airports, ports, etc. how they can achieve this when adopting a new technology such as 5G – an activity he would like to strengthen in the future.

Referring to the next generation and 6G networks, he underlined that their appearance is expected from 2030 - not earlier - and in relation to "use cases", he even talked about the possibilities of integrating the material within the human body. In the case of the current generation, 5G, he noted, it will boost uses that require continuous connectivity, such as in industry and factories, where it can make up for gaps in requiring fewer devices and providing better latency, such as those caused by Wi-Fi. Finally, he sees a great opportunity for development in the corporate market, also referring to the importance of partnerships.

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