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Nokia is ousting Realme from the German smartphone market

22. 06. 2023 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

N okia has now ousted Realme from the lucrative German smartphone market. This makes Realme the latest brand of the BBK Group to leave the German market after VIVO and OPPO. As the last of the brands under the umbrella of BBK Electronics, Realme is still present in Germany, but this may soon change, and the brand may also leave France at the same time as it withdraws from the German market.

In an official statement, Realme confirmed that it will limit its business activities in Germany. He blamed the slowdown in sales on his decision before the Nokia lawsuit. But it clearly seems that just like its sister brands, VIVO, OPPO and OnePlus are pulling out of the German market. Realme realized that potentially low consumer demand aside, they would do well to shift their focus to other core markets such as Italy, Poland, Spain and the Balkans. So, if you are interested in the aforementioned models, they will soon be available without warranty or software update in the respective European neighboring countries.

Vivo announced the end of sales in Germany just a week ago. Realme did not express their exit from the German market so eloquently in their correspondence with the nextpit editors, but the result should be similar. The European office said business in Germany had "slowed down" after some internal negotiations and the ongoing Nokia lawsuit. They are still waiting for positive news regarding the license negotiations with Nokia to restart the selected marketing measures in Germany.

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