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Nokia TA-1573 leaked photo on US FCC website

13. 05. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

A leaked photo and small specification of a new Nokia mobile phone, the TA-1573, became available at the American FCC, which you can view below. The photo leaked by the FCC usually means that the phone is almost ready to be announced, or it will probably be an exclusive model in the United States that customers can admire on store shelves within a few days.

The device's triple camera design is similar to several previously released Nokia devices as well as to the previously leaked banner photo. It is difficult to say exactly how many megapixels the device's camera has, but I can see that this phone will have a 64 MP camera. If you take a good look at the photos of the previously leaked G300 and G110, you can "see" that the leaked photo is similar to the triple camera design of these devices, which the American retailer Trafcone has already removed from its list.

By the way, the design is roughly the same or similar to the XR21 and G60, if you like, but in principle this will be a device called Shadow with an SD 480+ processor.

Nokia Shadow 5G (US specific):

Manufacturer: Ontim (Chino-E)
Type: TA-1573
Processor: SD 480+
RAM: 4GB and 6GB
OS: Android 13
Battery: 5000 mAh
Connectivity: 5GHz Wi-Fi, BT 5.1, NFC, FM

On the links below, you can see that there will be a 4 GB and a 6 GB version of the device, you can also see it by clicking on the links.

Nokia Shadow 4GB RAM

Nokia Shadow 6GB RAM

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