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Nokia G20 Android 13 Build update problem

18. 04. 2023 Tuesday / By: Robert Denes / Software / Exact time: BST / Print this page

U nfortunately, I have to write again that the update released by Nokia Mobile for Nokia G20 smartphones turned out to be faulty, which after installation cannot establish the Wi-Fi connection with the network.

I would like to tell you again that, unfortunately, this is not new at Nokia Mobil, because over the past years, users may have experienced an update problem with several phones, smartphones and other smart devices, which, fortunately, the experts and users managed to (partially) remedy.

There are users in the world who have thrown their phone in the trash because they could not fix the problem through HMD Global and thus their device was rendered unusable. Don't beat Nokia Mobile or HMD's back with a whip, because unfortunately the specialists and software developers can't foresee the technical structure of the network provider of the given country, with which they can even issue faulty, unusable updates to the users. As is well known, Nokia Mobile prepares a specific update that it makes available to its users, which in many cases takes weeks to reach the target devices due to the fault of the country's service provider. I could continue to list the options for other errors, but we'll leave it at that, we'll ignore it for now, and from now on, G20 users should be careful when installing Android 13 Build (V3.290) in Indonesia, because the error was experienced here at the moment!

Thanks for the quick tip and error description areksingmbiyen!!!

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