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Nokia Argentina Amplify 2023

03. 06. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

In Buenos Aires, Nokia performed the first edition of its “Amplify” tour, launched this year to promote its new brand identity and business strategy. The event is an important initiative of the B2B company to present the inherent power of digitization in industrial sectors, as well as future innovations in the field of networks and connectivity. “Amplify” launched in Latin America with successful events in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico and is ready to continue to the rest of the world in 2023.

In addition to presenting topics, solutions and demos at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, Nokia showed how Argentina can benefit from the exponential power of networks, enabling the benefits of digital transformation in various industries. The agenda of the event included private wireless networks, industry 4.0, digital transformation, 5G, cloud, mobile networks and fixed networks; as well as its benefits for a more secure, productive and sustainable future for the Argentine telecommunications industry and service providers.

"Amplify" gives telcos and large enterprises the opportunity to explore new market trends such as metaverse, virtual reality and cloud-based networks and learn about new business models that can be key to 5G, digitization and security for monetization.

Fernando Sosa, head of Nokia Cono Sur, mentioned: "Strengthening Buenos Aires is a unique opportunity to present the new Nokia and reinforce our commitment as an innovative B2B technology leader, creating technology that enables our customers and the new digital services and applications of the future. . digital transformation creates an opportunity to increase productivity for both telecommunications providers and large companies, which benefits the Argentine economy and enables a better future.”

Nokia is a world leader in telecommunications infrastructure as a strategic provider in Argentina, including to telecommunications companies, cable operators and Internet services, delivering mission-critical networks with the highest performance, reliability and security.

In addition, large companies in Argentina's agricultural and mining sectors will benefit from the introduction of Nokia's market-leading, industrial-grade private wireless networks, which provide wider broadband connectivity, lower latency, greater predictability and greater security than other alternative solutions. large companies are increasingly choosing them as the backbone of their digital transformation projects.

Nokia has deployed mission-critical networks for more than 2,600 enterprise customers in the transportation, energy, enterprise, manufacturing, ports, web and public sectors around the world. Nokia has also provided its expertise to more than 595 wireless private network customers in many industries worldwide, and has been cited by several analysts as the world leader in private wireless networks.

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