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New social plan at Nokia France with the dismissal of 173 employees

11. 05. 2023 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

N okia confirms this Tuesday, May 9, to "Marianne" the launch of a collective traditional breakup project within its French subsidiary, Alcatel.

The targeted 173 positions can be added to the 1,800 deletions already recorded within the company since the Finnish group's acquisition in 2015. Alcatel, acquired by Nokia in 2015, is undergoing a new social plan, its fifth since then. According to our information, the Finnish group is preparing to announce a collective contract termination project, which may affect up to 173 people in France. Negotiations will begin on Wednesday, May 10, when the European Group Committee opens.

At Marianne's request, Nokia, which announced the termination of 208 jobs in Finland at the beginning of May, confirms the information. And he clarifies: "this is a system based solely on volunteering." Negotiations on the accompanying social measures will begin tomorrow.

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