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Mobile 101 - Streaming on Channel 4 Friday 19 May 2023

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M obile 101 is a Finnish-language drama following the rise of the technology company Nokia in the late 1980s and early 1990s as it tries to create a revolutionary new mass-market mobile device - and finds itself in a serious legal battle with American rival Motorola. also in alleged patent infringement.

Told from the perspective of the company's executives, lawyers and engineers, Mobile 101 reveals how an underdog Finnish company best known for rubber processing unexpectedly became a player in the telecommunications industry. Mobile 101 will be released as a box set on Walter Presents via Channel 4 streaming on Friday 19 May 2023. Channel 4 will also show the first episode on Sunday, May 21 at 10:55 p.m.

Kristo Salminen plays Kari Kairamó, the embattled CEO of Nokia in the late 1980s, who has big ideas for the company, but whose sudden and unexpected death leaves Nokia's future uncertain. Sampo Sarkola plays Jorma Ollila, Kari's CFO, who suddenly finds himself in the hot seat, averting a shareholder coup in the wake of Kari's death.

"I've done quite a bit of research in this area," says Sampo. "There's a biography [of Jorma Ollila] that came out recently, and a lot of people worked at Nokia in Finland - I spent some time in a sauna with former Nokia employees who met Jorma in real life during that time, and there's a lot of written history about him. When I got down to it, I realized that there are so many opinions about Jorma Ollila because it's such a big part of the Finnish economy, and I realized that I can't accept it all! that he's trying to follow the script and try to make him as human as possible with his personal life and with the decisions to be made."

The series stars Satu Tuuli Karhu, Katarina Tammi, Emil Kihlström as Aki Makkonen, two young and idealistic lawyers who work for Nokia, and Aku Sipola as the introverted but talented engineer Risto Salminen. The series begins in 1988, Nokia is Finland's largest conglomerate, whose main businesses are electronics, paper, cable and mobile phone manufacturing, and its largest customer is the Soviet Union.

CEO Kari Kairamo is on an acquisition spree and determined to embrace the future of technology, but CFO Jorma Ollila worries that the company is in dire financial straits and will have to shed some divisions to avoid collapse...

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