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Battlegrounds Mobile India is once again available for download in India

22. 05. 2023 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

C urrently, Krafton has not released any official release details for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), but it is said to be available for download on select Android devices now. A number of online users have spotted the once botched battle royale game on the Google Play Store ready for download without any prior date confirmation from publisher Krafton.

Late last week, Krafton confirmed that the Indian government had given them permission to restart BGMI operations in the country after it was banned for 10 months due to security concerns. It seems some users have been able to download BGMI to their devices and run it, as long as they use the Play Store URL to access it. The game is not natively listed in either the Google or Apple app stores, so it won't show up when you search for it directly in the store. However, users who have managed to download the game have not been able to play it yet as the servers are currently offline. "The server is not online yet.

Please see the official news for more information on availability,” reads the warning message in a user screenshot.

Krafton simply stated that BGMI would be available in India "soon" and did not provide any further details, only that it was grateful to the Indian government for allowing the game to be shared again in the stores of online gaming platforms.

At the time, Union Minister of State for Electronics and Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar added that the government had approved BGMI for a three-month trial period, during which the game would be monitored to ensure there was no "user harm" or "addiction". What's more, the title is reportedly making several tweaks, starting with a specific playtime limit - limited to a certain number of hours - which is believed to be aimed at reducing the risk of addiction. Gore also seems to be targeted, with the default blood color changed from red to green or blue.

BGMI was completely removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store in July 2022 under Section 69 of the IT Act. The move, however, strongly affected the Indian e-sports industry, which saw a boom in mobile gaming with the release of PUBG. A BGMI tournament was also aired on mainstream television – a few weeks before the ban – with a prize pool of INR 1.5 billion, highlighting its demand in the country. Recently, Dead by Daylight Mobile removed it from mobile storefronts without any apparent reason.

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