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Why not use a phone case on your mobile device?

18. 11. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

M obile phones are mostly expensive devices, especially the new series editions that the manufacturer recently announces and puts on the market worldwide. The latest models always look good, so much so that we can enjoy them every time we use them... obviously this is included in the price.

The protection of the device would require us to put a protective cover on it, but the preservation of aesthetics suggests that we should not. What's more, there are a number of other reasons to forget the case and use the device, which is actually naked, if only because the case is our real phone, so we can see our real, good-looking phone.low

However, cases come with compromises. They can even double the thickness and weight of the phone, making it less portable. Reduced heat dissipation, and we know that higher temperatures are the death of batteries, plus it equals reduced performance. Access issues arise because cases can partially cover ports or buttons, making it difficult to charge, listen to music, or operate. In addition, some cases can block the wireless charging coils, so you have to peel the device out of the case to charge.

Cases therefore fundamentally change ergonomics and functionality in ways that may be counter to the original design intent. It is not by chance that extremely durable materials have been developed to protect the screen and cover the devices. As is the reason why many models have become dust and water resistant. So, if we get a durable and resistant device in the first place, perhaps the case is unnecessary.

Then there are the aesthetic and social aspects. A beautiful phone can bring joy to its owner just by looking at it, as the quality design delights. Devices undoubtedly have a message for other people as well, as they can function as a status symbol or as a means of indicating the style of living. Simply put, it's more comfortable without a case. In this context, Time magazine devoted an entire article to why the rich don't put cases on their phones.

For example, "no case" can also indicate that the owner of the device protects the environment. It is said that more than half a billion kilograms of phone case waste is generated every year. Most of this is made up of plastic. And we know very well that microplastics have already completely infected the world. So much so that it was found in fish, but also in samples taken from clouds, and the production of plastic is particularly energy-intensive and polluting. That is, the case leaves quite a large footprint. That way, if we listen to Hsia, we won't buy a case.

But let's not be one-sided. The case is not necessarily a bad thing: Motorola, for example, takes environmental awareness very seriously, which is why the Edge 40 Neo model comes with a case made entirely of plant-based materials, the color of which matches the device with Pantone accuracy to preserve aesthetics. The protective case is manufactured by the Swedish Agood Company, which guarantees to recycle all replaced cases.

In addition, there are practical advantages to using a case. First of all, you can hold the phone better. The material of some models is quite slippery, so not only is it difficult to grip them, but they can only be placed on perfectly horizontal surfaces, otherwise they may slide off. And, if they slip, their screen can easily be damaged by falling on a hard surface, which is much less likely to happen in a case. The huge advantage of cases is that the owner of the phone can express his own character, customize his device and not only send a message to the outside world with it, but also not confuse it with someone else's.





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