White, black or variegated?

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What kind of people become hackers and what drives them to attack a network? Believing in the Hollywood stereotype, the average hacker is a bored teenager in a basement looking for imaginative ways to bypass the security of the system - either because of its excitement or to show off. Or maybe revenge turned into a hacker? Do you want revenge for your insult? But why? Why can a man take revenge? What do you need for that? What could they offend? Are you smart and want to show this? What color "hat" are you wearing? 3 Read on and watch the video!

But while bored teen hackers certainly exist, they don’t pose the greatest risk to CSPs and their clients, says Holly Grace Williams, executive director of cyber security consulting firm Secarma.

“One of the biggest security issues is that organizations think all hackers are equally motivated. That they all have the same background and reasons for what they do, he says. - And of course, that's not true at all.

The shadow of nation-state attackers in the British Army

Williams knows more than most about the different forms of hackers - and hackers. As a former security officer in the Royal Army of the British Army, he had some of the world’s best-equipped sources for enforcing physical and cyber defense against hackers: nation-state attackers seeking to steal government secrets, academic research or critical national infrastructure. “Basically anything that can give them leverage against the UK,”read more

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