United States Digital Divide Summit

21. 11. 2020 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Join Nokia and attend the first Digital Dividend Summit on Dec. 9 to learn about the policies and technologies available to Americans for broadband services. If you’re interested in the summit, sign up here to access Nokia’s first US Digital Divide Summit, which takes place on December 9, 2020. The summit will consist of two separate sessions, one on the Rules of Broadband for all Americans, the other on Technologies for Broadband to Americans. You can register for either session or both.

High-speed internet is pervading all walks of life in the 21st century. It brings growth, prosperity and a better quality of life wherever you go. However, millions of Americans still do not have access to broadband, which is increasingly essential to prosperity. While the digital divide is seen predominantly as a rural problem, there are also significant disparities in our city, with lower incomes likely to lack broadband services.

It is easier and cheaper than ever to provide Gigabit services. The desired end destination for the ubiquitous fiber housing (FTTH). Costs have dropped significantly in less than 10 years, from $ 2,500 to $ 300 per house. Proven on-site network planning tools, greater experience in end-to-end project management, networking and new methods to reduce deployment costs are contributing. Choosing the right technology for your deployment requires careful consideration of a number of factors, including, but not limited to, existing infrastructure, household density, time to market, CAPEX, and...read more

Digital Divide Summit

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