US Cellular is tapping the Nokia wing for enhanced ConnectHQ

19. 11. 2020 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

To improve the performance of corporate customers, US Cellular Corporation USM recently enhanced the ConnectHQ self-service IoT portal by leveraging Nokia Corporation’s NOK 5G and cutting-edge fields. In particular, the new ConnectHQ platform will be powered by Nokia’s WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid) to better manage large-scale IoT deployments and optimize investment.

Based on the pay-as-you-go business model, Nokia WING will make it easier for operators to expand 5G IoT services faster without additional infrastructure investment. This cost-effective platform offers extremely low latency, high security, and enhanced transfer rates for handling large amounts of 5G data controlled by a distributed, flexible architecture. With a global network presence, it helps operators generate revenue for IoT opportunities in diversified industries such as connected cars, critical public services, healthcare, and real-time industrial monitoring and control with unified instrumentation and unified service levels.

ConnectHQ aims to leverage these competencies to help consumers better manage connectivity issues across multiple wireless IoT devices. It helps operators simplify massive IoT deployments through a centrally easy-to-use dashboard and monitor real-time data usage for each device, adjusting data usage to control costs based on usage patterns. This, in turn, allows operators to increase operational efficiency and securely use remote devices against fraudulent use.

With enhanced service capabilities, US Cellular aims to accelerate subscriber expansion and improve phone number management. The company aims to offer customers the best wireless experience by providing high quality network and nationwide coverage. The company is also building a stronger network with the latest 5G technology. At the same time, US Cellular will continue to identify new sources of revenue while reducing business-wide costs.

US Cellular is focused on expanding its solutions for business and government customers, including a better suite of machine-to-machine solutions in various categories. The company is further developing its advanced wireless services and interconnected solutions to satisfy consumers, business and government customers. It has also partnered with Internet of Things America LLC or IoT America to offer innovative IoT solutions to corporate clients and rural communities across the country. Together, the companies offer intelligent farming solutions to farmers and farmers to achieve high returns while improving day-to-day operations. This will help bridge the infrastructure gap by providing connectivity for Americans looking for their bread in more

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