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Turkcell and Nokia cooperation in 6G

28. 02. 2024 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

T urkcell and Nokia signed a cooperation agreement to develop and accelerate studies in the field of 6G. With the agreement signed at the Mobile World Congress (MWC'24) in Barcelona, the two companies will jointly carry out R&D activities in the field of 6G technologies and work to allow Turkey to have a say in this area.

Several senior officials from Turkcell and Nokia attended the signing ceremony, which took place in Barcelona, Spain (MWC'24) from February 26 to 29. Turkcell CEO dr. In the framework of the cooperation agreement signed by Ali Taha Koç and the President of Nokia Europe, Dr. Rolf Werner, the two companies will focus on R&D activities in the field of 6G.

The purpose of the agreement is to explore the capabilities of 6G networks and develop new and exciting usage scenarios for individuals, institutions and industries.

Dr. Ali Taha Koç: "We are determined to have a say in new generation technologies"

Turkcell CEO dr. Ali Taha Koç said about the cooperation: "For Turkcell, concepts such as artificial intelligence, 5G, 6G, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Behavior (IoB), big data and cloud computing, they mean not only the future, but the Present.

We continue to play a leading role on the global stage as well as in our country, with our experience and competencies in the field of innovative technologies. The cooperation established today with Nokia will further accelerate our research and development work in the field of 6G.

This will also be an important milestone for our digital transformation strategy. As Turkcell, we are determined to contribute to our country having a say in this issue by investing in new generation communication technologies.

"This agreement will keep Turkey at the forefront of global network technology developments and play a key role in how next-generation technologies are used to improve people's lives, the economy and the environment."

Dr. Rolf Werner: "Together with Turkcell, we continue to develop the communication standard of the future"

The president of Nokia Europe, dr. Rolf Werner said: "We are excited to accompany Turkcell on its 6G journey and innovate together. With our leading 5G technology and a clear strategy of 5G-Advanced, we are pioneering 6G research. Together with Turkcell, we will continue to develop the communication standard. future.

"These studies involve networks that think, feel and act, and we jointly develop use cases to advance digital transformation in Turkey," he said.

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