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Tommi Uitto expressed his outrage on Facebook against Oppo

16. 08. 2023 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

F inland's Nokia took tough measures and sued several phone brands of China's BBK Electronics in several countries. Oppo in particular performed strongly, but OnePlus, Realme and Vivo are also in the same position. The brands in question were not ready to pay Nokia for the patents used in the devices.

Oppo, OnePlus and Realme have already withdrawn from the German market, which Vivo also decided to stop in Germany, but also in the Netherlands. So far, Germany is the only country where Nokia has banned the sale of Chinese brands. In India, the law was also on Nokia's side, where Oppo paid a deposit to Nokia under the previous license agreement.

Nokia was willing to enter into a new license agreement with Oppo and Vivo, but so far no results have been achieved. In early August, Nokia encouraged Oppo to play by the rules and agree to fair and reasonable license terms like its competitors, rather than continuing to operate without them.

“The problem is that Oppo, the owner of the OnePlus brand, uses Nokia's patented inventions in its mobile devices, but has refused to buy the patent license on FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms. Oppo should play by the 3GPP rules and get a license like other device manufacturers," said Tommi Uitto in his comments.

The renewal of the license agreement is important for Nokia. The recent social media publication of Tommi Uitto, the head of Nokia's mobile networks business, is a good indication of this. Uitto is particularly angry about this at an individual consumer with a OnePlus phone.

Torsti Yrjänä, who uses the X service, highlighted the good speed of the OnePlus 11 phone in the DNA network operator's 5G network, where the phone achieved a download speed of no less than 2 gigabytes. Tommi Uittó is apparently not happy with OnePlussa's good feedback, because he revealed that Oppo is willing not to pay for Nokia's inventions.

In another comment, he also added that "it's amazing that Oppo can still sell OnePlus devices". It can be read from the comment that Nokia is clearly trying to prevent Oppo from selling its devices in the future if the company does not agree to conclude a new license agreement.

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