The year 2020 for OZO

21. 12. 2020 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Using Nokia OZO, we found some certainty in the technologies that help find community, bridge divisions, and preserve the essence of human interaction remotely. OZO is Nokia's audio technology that has opened a new path for audio recording and playback.

In its vision, Nokia has sought to enable people to feel closer to lifelike sound recording and playback - sound that delivers to other places with unparalleled immersion. At a time when the world is physically staying away, we have seen a growing interest in customers who want to deliver on the promise of a better sound experience that helps consumers get closer and better connected.

Looking back over the year, OZO has made tremendous progress with the introduction of improvements in both recording and playback technologies. OZO has been implemented in a number of new categories and devices. For example, OZO made its debut in the world of vlogging with the launch of the Panasonic Lumix G100 camera, and ASUS ROG Phone 3 expanded its presence in the more

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