The production of Nokia phones in Egypt begins

06. 08. 2022 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communication and Information Technology, witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between the HMD International, the owner of the Nokia global brand and the Egyptian Etisalat for Advanced Industries (EAI), which aims to manufacture one million mobile. Different models of traditional phones and smartphones Melt this year production will double in the next period.

The agreement was signed by Tamer El-Gamal, CEO of Egyptian HMD and Ahmed Abu Auf, Managing Director of EtiSal for Advanced Industries (EAI); Mr. Alain Lejeune, Operations Head of HMD Global Oy, owner of Nokia brand, Mr. Wen Chang, Product Executive Vice President, Engineer Amr Mahfouz, Managing Director of IT Industrial Development Authority, Vice President of the IT industrial development authority, and many executives of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and two developed industries communications companies, EAI and HMD Global.

Dr. Amr Talaat said: "This agreement consolidates the state's efforts to create an atmosphere that supports the growth of international companies investment in Egypt and reinforces the government's intention to encourage and encourage private sectors to produce in Egyptian factories a To transfer knowledge and expertise and to localize the electronics industry in such a way as to contribute to the development of this important industry and to create special job opportunities for young people in information technology and electronics; Egypt Makes Electronics "in the implementation of presidential initiative, which aims to strengthen the position of Egypt in the field of electronic planning and manufacturing."

Mr Ahmed Abu Auf, Managing Director of Etisalat Advanced Industries (EAI), said: "The agreement serves the international quality of Nokia mobile phones required by HMD Global Oy, including electronic components, assembly, packaging and testing, which is perfectly similar to international products in its quality and efficiency."

Tamer El-Gamal, CEO of HMD Global OY, added: "According to the agreement, HMD provides the EAI-ETAL Factory for manufacturing requirements for manufacturing processes, control and testing tools and calibration equipment. Technical support through training. Egyptian cadres are technically and technically in the hands of Finnish Nokia experts, in addition to providing all support tools to take advantage of the company's research and development centers. The best specifications and products that meet consumer needs."

It is worth noting that EAI is developing and producing advanced electronic devices in Egypt through its factory on October 6, with more than 2 million pieces of production capacity this year, and plans to increase the capacity in the coming years.

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