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The new doctoral program focuses on the energy efficiency of radio waves

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N okia's donation to Aalto University focuses on future mobile communication systems and in particular research on device development. The joint XG doctoral school of Nokia and Aalto will start this year. The program, started with a donation from Nokia, focuses on the development of devices for future mobile communication systems, including the design and construction of energy-saving integrated microcircuits and antenna systems.

In the future, the energy-efficient design of equipment will affect, for example, the development of 6G and IoT in areas as diverse as online communication, transportation and healthcare. The XG in the name of the doctoral program specifically applies to future generations of mobile communication systems and related devices.

According to Head of Department Jussi Ryynänen, Professor of Electronics and Nanotechnology, with the help of the doctoral school, Finland's and the whole of Europe's key area of competence in the networks of the future will be strengthened even more.

“Extending applications to different areas is a great opportunity for Finland to invest in our already strong hardware and ICT expertise. Our goal is for students to have knowledge that industry will need in the future,” he says.

Nokia's donation enables long-term and academically free research and offers students an interesting and concrete way to approach the topic. In Otaniemi, Nokia's investments in radio equipment and system circuit development are welcomed.

"For radio devices, the focus areas of research are higher frequencies and more intelligent antennas, with the help of which it is possible to transmit information and to target the radio wave energy better, so that higher data transmission speed and energy efficiency can be achieved," says radio engineer Professor Ville. Viikari.

"As we approach 2030, mobile data traffic will grow exponentially. The development of 6G requires a new way of thinking in the design of radio equipment. We are excited about the XG PhD program that we have launched with Aalto University, which will help foster innovation and advance technology development," said Ari Kynäslahti, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, Nokia Mobile Networks.

The first doctoral students were already admitted to the program at the end of 2022. The first results are expected already this year, the goal is to quickly utilize the new research information. In addition to the research groups of Professor Viikari and Ryynänen, Aalto University is recruiting doctoral students to the research group of Professor Katsuyuki Haneda.

Nokia has been an important partner of Aalto and its predecessor universities for decades. About 20 joint research projects are underway, involving professors, postdoctoral researchers, and doctoral and master's students. Projects focus on 5G technology, signal processing, antenna technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, mobile cloud services and materials, among others. Nokia is also a major employer of Aalto alumni and students.

In the state matching campaign that ended in June 2022, Nokia donated 500,000 euros to Aalto's technology sector. The donation will finance doctoral programs researching quantum technology and 6G/XG technology.

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