The Rise and Fall of Nokia - New TV Series

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A new TV series about the Finnish telecommunications company Nokia Finn shows the rise and fall of the Finnish mobile phone company.

Rabbit Film is the company that has begun producing a six-part screenplay drama that shows Nokia’s rise to the top of the mobile industry and the burning record. The series is called “Mobile 1.0,” filmed in the United States and Finland. The show will be available in Finnish and English, and the premiere is expected in early 2022 on a Scandinavian C More streamer.

The Finnish and English-language series, shot in Finland and the United States, will start in early 2022 on the Scandinavian C More stream, with a linear premiere on MTV3. In the first window, C More also took over the VOD rights of the northern and Baltic regions. Rabbit Films distributes internationally.

“Mobile 1.0” is the first report on the expansion of a Finnish electronics company from a small business to a global player in the mobile phone industry, beating huge brands. The first season focuses on the years 1988-1990, when mobile phone technology was in its infancy.

The series focuses on young lawyers who were willing to take on their colleagues in deep-pocket multinational contestants; single-minded engineers developing revolutionary new products, boardrooms, and personal strife; and a business leader whose courage saved the entire company following the tragic death of his predecessor.

The protagonist of the series is Satu-Tuuli Karhu (“Mary’s Paradise”) as Katarina Tammi, a recent graduate lawyer working in the company’s legal department; the newly arrived Emil Kihlström, as Aki Makkonen, a colleague of Katarina's former law school, whose secret must be kept secret; Aku Sipola (“Forest Giant”) as Risto Salminen, a talented but eccentric and obsessive engineer who was determined to create a new type of mobile phone; Oona Airola (“The Happiest Day of Olli Mäki’s Life”) as Risto’s wife and co-developer, Vuokko Salminen; and Sampo Sarkola (“Bordertown”) as Jorma Ollila, Nokia’s visionary CEO, who drove the company to success.

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