The NOS 5G Hub made progress in Lisbon

07. 07. 2022 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

T his center will be the "first private Core 5G StandAlone network in Portugal", implemented in collaboration with Nokia. The operator that provided most of the 5G spectrum in Portugal and that in recent years created the fifth generation mobile school, stadium and hospital, has now opened a new space for innovation in Portugal.

The NOS Hub 5G is located in Parque das Nações (Lisbon) and aims to be a place for "ideas, experiments and technological transformations", another step towards achieving one of the company's main goals: "Leading the development of fifth generation mobile ".

With an investment of 1.8 million euros, this center is basically used to demonstrate the current (and future) capabilities of 5G for different realities such as IoT and augmented/virtual reality.

The operator says this center will be open to «companies, startups, universities and partners» to develop new ideas and products. The 464 square meter area has four zones: training, joint work, presentation and ideation/experimentation.

However, one of the main highlights of this hub is what will be the “first private Core 5G StandAlone network implemented in Portugal” (in collaboration with Nokia), which according to NOS is the fifth “next level of evolution”. mobile generation.

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