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The First HMD tablet received FCC certification in the United States

20. 04. 2024 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Leakage / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The certification of HMD Global's first tablet in the FCC certification of the United States of America has become available, which indicates that HMD may soon launch a Tablet in the country. I have to note that HMD has certified almost all tablets and mobile phones previously produced under the Nokia brand under its own name, so it is possible that we are talking about a device previously launched on the market under the Nokia brand.

Codenamed TA-1597, the device recently received FCC certification, indicating that HMD's 8,000mAh battery-powered tablet, which was first spotted at the end of March , is headed for a likely global announcement. The FCC certification suggests that it will be available in the US, but HMD will likely sell this tablet in other markets around the world.

The difference statement indicates that there are not many hardware changes between Nokia TA-1487 and HMD TA-1597. The most noticeable changes include the rear logo, while the LCD display, camera module, charger, 4G antenna and some internal cables are sourced from different companies. One significant change is the color scheme. While the Nokia T21 was available in Charcoal Grey, the new HMD T21 tablet will be available in Black Steel and Apricot.

FCC certification

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