The 3rd edition of FPGA Hackathon and Conference in Krakow is coming soon

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O rganized by Nokia, the FPGA Hackathon event and conference will be held in Krakow from November 25-27, 2022. FPGA technology is growing in popularity and has applications in telecommunications and is key in the banking and insurance sectors. But above all, we want to share that passion with others and spread the popularity of revolutionary technological solutions. The event creates space for the exchange of experiences, the integration of the scientific community and business life, and the establishment of valuable relationships.

A one-day conference that takes place completely remotely. Speakers are industry professionals. They share their knowledge, experience and infect the audience with their passion for FPGA related topics. The purpose of the conference is to promote the most modern techniques and solutions of computer technology and digital electronics.

Hackathon FPGA - November 26-27, 2022 – Krakow Technology Park and online

The 24-hour hackathon, which will be held for the first time in a hybrid form, is a place for the practical use of knowledge, a test of knowledge and a place for fun. In previous years, we settled on Mars, developed the economy there, and now we are working to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. And we need your help for this! Your task will be to create helpers who will support the residents in their daily life.

FPGA Hackathon

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