Test Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones

15. 02. 2021 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Barry Collins, a technical expert at Forbes, made a test with the recently launched Nokia Essential wireless headset, during which he gained quite a negative experience while using it.

The Bluetooth headphones, which are sold in the UK and other international markets at an introductory price of £ 59.99 ($ ​​83), are a must-see offer for those looking to buy a headset. What about Nokia? Yes, because the price is extraordinary! But only in price?

Battery life is absolutely impressive compared to headphones from competing manufacturers. The Nokia headset allows its user to operate for 40 hours. The included Micro USB cable for charging the headphones is a bit old-school, the whole industry is switching to USB-C, but it’s hardly a salesperson. There is a 120 cm audio cable (3.5 mm jack) if you do not want to use a wireless network as well.

Forbes has tested the headphones, also known as Nokia Essential wireless headphones, the E1200, which are wireless BT headphones that can also be connected with the 120cm cable in the box. For just $ 83, these headphones are beautiful products that deliver good quality sound through a 40mm drive and are super long lasting. The reviewer says Bass Mode is a bit aggressive, but the headphones are great for listening to music and playing podcasts.

The sound quality during calls is not said to be excellent, which means that the microphones are misplaced and not set up properly. Another good thing is that the headphones fold nicely to save space, which the Apple AirPods Max can’t do for the price.

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