Tech Mahindra and Nokia are promoting 5G wireless deployment worldwide

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T ech Mahindra has announced that it is working with Nokia to facilitate the global rollout of 5G private wireless networks.

Tech Mahindra has announced that it is working with Nokia to facilitate the global rollout of 5G private wireless networks. Tech Mahindra to leverage Nokia's private wireless DAC solution for customers in a variety of industries. Tech Mahindra will leverage Nokia's private wireless DAC solution for its customers in a variety of industries and make it easier to automate the management of 5G private wireless networks in the cloud, the company said.

Tech Mahindra provides services to customers with 5G enterprise solution capabilities such as Factory.NXT, Mining.NXT, and provincial expertise in the design, planning, deployment, and management of private wireless networks, combined with Nokia’s flagship wireless with its private network offer. - Added, Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) will benefit enterprise customers and accelerate the deployment of evolving network technologies such as 5G. Together, this enables end-to-end IT / OT transformation for customers in industries and sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, oil and gas, logistics, smart agriculture and entertainment to increase productivity, efficiency to increase and generate new revenue. creek. Tech Mahindra’s enterprise networking services cover the entire network portfolio and support new-age technologies to help businesses prepare for the full digital transformation.

It provides an easy-to-use self-service interface for network management tasks, adding or removing devices and features, real-time information about the network and device status and usage of Nokia DAC Manager, and the radio network and extreme cloud. Health. Nokia DAC also provides access to other network management and operation solutions as well as integration with third-party applications through well-defined application programming interfaces (APIs).

Manish Mangal, global head of Tech Mahindra’s 5G and network services business, said: “The introduction of 5G has become critical for companies to achieve the next level of industrial automation and digital transformation that enables higher levels of productivity and reduces operational complexity and costs. . We are pleased to continue working with Nokia to continue building the 5G ecosystem and innovating and growing in the future. We are committed to helping our clients realize their "business of the future" vision."

Chris Johnson, head of Nokia’s global corporate business, said: “Nokia has supported the digital transformation of more than 380 companies worldwide with its private wireless offering. We look forward to working with Tech Mahindra to leverage our global private wireless expertise to expand their offering and customer experience worldwide.

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