T-Mobile achieves 3 Gbps best with world's first standalone 5G

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Un -carrier has once again upgraded its standalone 5G by combining three mid-band spectrum channels on a commercial device - the world's first live manufacturing network, T-Mobile, with the help of Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Qualcomm Technologies. bravura. Inc.

BELLEVUE, Wash - June 14, 2022 - The Un-carrier feels the need. The need for speed. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) announced today that it will be able to combine three mid-band 5G spectrum to achieve speeds above 3 Gbps on its standalone 5G network. This is the first time the test has been performed on a live live network with a commercially available device (Samsung Galaxy S22, Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform Snapdragon X65 Modem-RF).

Neville Ray, chief technology officer at T-Mobile, said: “This test demonstrates the incredible power of the mid-range spectrum and represents another huge step forward in stand-alone 5G.” "Today, only T-Mobile delivers a nationwide, stand-alone 5G network to its customers, and we're bringing new performance-enhancing capabilities that generate incredible speed and realize our vision to build the nation's largest network."

Put simply, 5G Carrier Aggregation (NR CA) allows T-Mobile to combine multiple 5G channels (or carriers) for higher speed and performance. In this test, the Un-carrier combined three 5G channels - two 2.5 GHz Ultra Capacity 5G channels and one 1900 MHz spectrum channel - to create an efficient 210 MHz 5G channel. This is the mid-band spectrum anyway. And over 3 Gbps speeds!

Today’s results can only be achieved with the standalone 5G architecture (SA), and this is just the latest in a series of important SA 5G milestones for T-Mobile. Un-carrier was the first in the world to launch its nationwide SA 5G network nearly two years ago and has been moving towards a true 5G-only customer experience ever since. Just this month, Un-carrier began lighting Voice over 5G (VoNR) so that ALL services could run on 5G. By eliminating the underlying 4G LTE network and the 4G core, 5G will be able to realize its true future potential with incredibly fast speeds, real-time responsiveness, and huge connectivity.

NR CA today lives in parts of T-Mobile’s network and combines two 2.5GHz 5G channels for higher speed, performance and capacity. Samsung Galaxy S22 customers will be among the first to experience the third 1900MHz 5G channel later this year. This capability will be extended to the Un-carrier network and other devices in the near future.

T-Mobile is a leader in 5G with the largest and fastest 5G network in the country. Un-carrier’s Extended Range 5G covers almost everyone in the country - 315 million people on 1.8 million square miles. The super-fast Ultra Capacity 5G will cover 225 million people nationwide, and T-Mobile expects to cover 260 million in 2022 and 300 million next year.

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