Sexual harassment at Nokia in Budapest

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Hungary, Budapest - I would like to draw attention to there is a manager at the NOKIA in Budapest in the department supply chain who is picking up pretty woman after that he abuses ((not only) sexual) them... Write in her comment a lady in her Linkedin account. Unfortunately, Tünde B. does not mention the name of the bully but provides a good enough description of the job position of the alleged bully. Fortunately, Nokia has declared zero tolerance for the harasser and an immediate investigation has been launched to investigate the matter!

What is sexual harassment?

Perhaps we should first start by clarifying the concepts by separating sexual approach from harassment and abuse. Apart from the often obvious stylistic differences, these are mainly distinguished by their intention and purpose.

The purpose of sexual approach and courtship is to conquer the other party, to connect, to gain his love. It is fueled by positive feelings. Attraction, sexual desire, recognition, admiration are in the background. Even a small work or street flirt can be well separated in this way. In this case, the approach is based on mutual respect, the parties constantly perceive and take into account the feedback of the other party, and base their next step on this.

In the case of sexual harassment, the perpetrator - occasionally or recurrently - creates a situation that is embarrassing, embarrassing, humiliating, intimidating for the other party, during which he or she experiences vulnerability.

B. Tünde said: I would like to draw attention to there is a manager at the NOKIA in Budapest in the department supply chain who is picking up pretty woman after that he abuses ((not only) sexual) them. (e.g. following you, telling writing you such kind of things and tries to touch you) I know, I had it. Now I am trying to process it. And if you are so courageous turning to the HR you will be humiliated. The effect is: (I am not able to trust so much already) now I am afraid of the male managers at the companies. 😪 In Germany the law is not permissed the abuse of the woman by managers in workplaces.🤔 Punished. The protection of the woman against abuse is (would be) a basic right. The real problem is the mentioned manager sees his workplace as a playground the woman as toys where he can entertain himself.

There are several manifestations of sexual harassment

  • Verbal - obscene remarks, degrading, offensive ratings, making a sexual offer, telling sexually explicit jokes, verbal threat

  • Physical - unpleasant physical proximity, touch, overconfidence, physical restraint

  • Spiritual - recurringly approaching intrusively, provoking a sexual topic, asking the other about intimate life, offering an advantage in exchange for sexual “services”, initiating difficult-to-refuse - but embarrassing - topics and games

  • Visual - show offensive, embarrassing pictures, make sexual gestures

    Nokia Espoo, Finnland said: We are extremely concerned to hear this. At Nokia, we have a zero tolerance approach to any form of harassment, and we will be investigating this matter urgently.

    The victim of harassment often feels that when he talks about the fact of harassment, he becomes ridiculous, the target of jokes, leaves the given community, appears as a “loser”, risks his achievements and position at work.

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