Scrolling screenshots are for Nokia phones running Android 12

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We need to update and install Android 12 to use the scrolling screenshots option on our Nokia smartphone. Unfortunately, not all Nokia phones are capable of capturing screenshots of long web pages or chats without having to split them into multiple screenshots.

Nokia smartphones lack many of the features that are typically seen on competing phones. Mainly because Nokia Mobile can’t enrich its Android operating system beyond what Google already offers. Because of this, many features will never be included in Android One-based Nokia phones until Google integrates them into Android. This is one of the negatives of the Android One platform.

Long screenshots are one such feature that has been found in other brands of phones for years. Google has finally introduced support for long screenshots in Android 12. Therefore, Nokia phones running Android 12 or later can use this feature to capture screenshots longer than the visible area of ​​the screen.

The phones took long screenshots with a built-in feature that scrolled the screen and took various pictures. The software then concatenates them to form a single and high shareable image. However, with Android 12, the implementation has changed as Google has added native support for long screenshots. The phone no longer has to scroll the screen in front of the user.

The "Capture More" scrolling screenshot feature is only available on Nokia phones upgraded to Android 12 and unfortunately all Nokia phones get an Android 12 update.

  • Make sure your Nokia phone is running Android 12.
  • Take a screenshot as usual (press the Volume Down and Power buttons together).
  • Touch the "More recording" button next to the share and edit buttons.
  • Press the Capture Multiple button to take a longer screenshot.
  • Drag the crop area to cover the area you want to capture.
  • Use the "cpature more" option and select the area to take a scrolling screenshot.
  • Touch Save to save the recording. Or tap the share button to save the recording and open the share menu.
  • The scrolling screenshot feature has some limitations, such as not working with all applications. Another is that scrolling recording still has a maximum length and can’t just go on and on like that. The maximum capture area is about three times the screen viewport.
  • Android 12 is currently available on the Nokia X10, Nokia X20, Nokia XR20, Nokia G10, Nokia G20, Nokia G50, Nokia 2.4 and Nokia 8.3 5G. In the coming months, Nokia Mobile will release Android 12 for Nokia 5.3, Nokia 5.4, Nokia G11, Nokia G21, Nokia 1.4 and Nokia T20.

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