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ScanWatch 2 is a quiet innovator in the world of fitness watches

10. 09. 2023 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

W ithings is a quiet innovator in the world of fitness watches. He created the first hybrid watch and created our favorite wearables that can be worn as watches. ScanWatch 2 is the company's most advanced watch to date, the sequel to the original ScanWatch from 2020. This year's newest addition is a temperature sensor that can predict when you're going to get sick.

We got a closer look at the Withings ScanWatch 2 at the IFA 2023 show where it was announced to see if it's up your street and worth the €349 (GBP 299, USD 375, INR 31007) asking price.

ScanWatch 2 Specifications:

Weight & Dimensions Dimensions: 38mm or 42mm Weight (without wristband): 34.6gr (38mm), 52.6gr (42mm)
Screen display Grayscale OLED display 14504 px, 282 PPI, 0.63" 16-bit grayscale
Materials Stainless steel case Sapphire glass Stainless steel crown
Sensors TempTech24/7 Module High Dynamic Range Accelerometer Multi-wavelength PPG 16 channels Altimeter
Water resistance 5ATM
Battery 30-day battery life Charging time: 2 hours Docking station (USB-C compatible)
Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy
Withings App Available on: App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android) Apple Health, Google Health Connect & Google Fit compatible Withings App Web dashboard iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 15 and higher, or Android device with OS 9 and higher Cannot be set up from a computer

Withings nailed down the basic design seen in the ScanWatch 2 years ago, in the 2017 Withings Steel HR. It was the company's first watch with a small porthole screen, which unlocks several functions beyond step counting.

The ScanWatch 2 is also slightly better built than Withings' other watches. It has a bright stainless steel casing and an ultra-hard sapphire protective dome above the watch hands. Not familiar with these Withings hybrids? ScanWatch 2 combines real, moving watch hands with the smarts of a fitness tracker.

A second dial on the lower half of the watch can also be used to show how close you are to reaching your daily step goal. This staple of the Withings watch concept is the first watch of the lot since 2014's Withings Activite. Of course, we've come a long way since then, and the latest addition to the ScanWatch 2 is a temperature sensor.

These made big news in the Apple Watch Ultra, where dual temperature sensors are used to estimate core body temperature. The primary goal here is to be able to calculate the time of ovulation to help those who want to have a child.


However, the Withints approach is a little different. With ScanWatch 2, you can see when your body temperature starts to deviate, which could be a sign of illness. There is a small screen for this purpose and it looks a bit like a retro gauge with a dial indicating where the current temperature is compared to the usual set point. We really could have done this a few years ago, but hey, people still get the coronavirus and colds all the time, right?

The watch takes your temperature 24/7 rather than taking the safe route of only scanning overnight to maintain the appearance of consistency. You rarely really need to take the Withings ScanWatch off, as it's 5 ATM water resistant and the battery lasts up to 30 days on a single charge. As always, the small OLED display on the Withings ScanWatch 2 looks excellent, surprisingly clear considering it's a tiny monochrome peephole. According to Withings, it's a 282 ppi screen, which is 14,504 pixels, making it slightly less sharp than an Apple Watch display.

You can choose between 38mm and 42mm casings, just like the original ScanWatch, and Withings says this new model is slightly thicker to accommodate the new temperature sensor. We're letting go of WIthings because it's not a bare-bones technique. Just like Apple's version, it also measures skin and ambient temperature.

Withings said the ScanWatch 2 has menstrual cycle tracking, but relies on hand tracking instead of a temperature sensor. We wouldn't be entirely surprised if the company was working on temperature-based cycle tracking in the background, but there's no official word that this is the case.

Country Price (Expected)
1. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Canada 509 CAD
2. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Australia 585 AUD
3. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Bangladesh 40985 BDT
4. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Nigeria 293135 NGN
5. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Mexico 6572 MXN
6. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Russia 36570 RUB
7. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in UAE 1371 AED
8. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Hong Kong 2927 HKD
9. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Brazilian 1861 BRL
10. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Argentin 130706 ARS
11. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Switzerland 333 CHF
12. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Japan 55198 JPY
13. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Madagascar 1 685181 MGA
14. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Tanzania 935487 TZS
15. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Hungary 134454 HUF
15. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in South Korea 499056 KRW
17. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Saudi Arabia 1400 SAR
18. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Colombia 1 499391 COP
19. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Paraguay 2 712337 PYG
20. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in Peru 1388 PEN
21. ScanWatch 2 fitness watch Price in China 2742 CNY
Nokia has exited the Russian market due to the Russian embargo

The rest of ScanWatch 2's features are largely chosen along with those of the original Scanwatch. For example, we get an EKG heart health sensor – Withings is always keen to remind us that it was the first wearable device to be cleared by the US regulatory body FCC. An EKG examines the heart rhythm more closely than an optical heart rate monitor to check for signs of arrhythmia. However, the watch does not have GPS. It's more of a health watch than a tough fitness band, but it's not half-handsome, and it still has 40 activity tracking modes. If you're not into advanced health stuff, you might want to consider the brand new ScanWatch Light. It loses the temperature sensor and EKG, but it costs less and arguably looks better, further leaning into Withings' minimalist aesthetic.

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