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SEGRO installs more than 12,000 solar panels in Nokia's distribution center

21. 11. 2022 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

S olar panels on top of distribution centers are no longer a novelty. For example, major developers recently teamed up with Sunrock. SEGRO installed more than 12,000 panels on the roof of Nokia's warehouse in Tilburg. Solar panels produce approximately 5,000,000 kWh per year.

Eelco Ouwerkerk, head of SEGRO in the Netherlands said: "Our buildings provide the perfect opportunity to generate a lot of energy, which not only supplies Nokia's buildings and business operations with sustainable energy, but also produces enough energy to provide sustainable energy to more than 1,200 families. to provide energy."

The logistics center is located in the Vossenberg West II industrial estate. Nokia has been operating at this location since 2013.

Marcel Wever, Nokia center manager said: "Initiatives like this fit perfectly with the circular and renewable objectives set by Nokia during the previous climate summit in 2021."

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