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SC CapRock integrates Starlink and Nokia into private networks in Brazil

22. 07. 2023 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

SC CapRock, a Speedcast Group company offering critical communications services, is integrating Starlink and Nokia technologies to offer LTE private network services in remote regions of Brazil. This means that the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) is an advanced wireless network platform (LTE and 5G) for the enterprise segment and can operate from low-orbit satellites of the SpaceX group.

The promise is that the integration of Nokia's private network devices with Starlink connectivity will simplify the process of extending the coverage signal. According to SC CapRock, the implementation will be via portable radio base stations that use the satellite network as a link to send data back to an existing private wireless DAC core.

In practice, the companies say this kind of approach offers significant benefits in remote locations, eliminating the need to install a new private wireless core, new towers, and an additional power system. According to André Gustavo Sant'Anna (country manager of Brazil's SC CapRock), the integration aims to meet the growing private network needs of the agricultural, energy and mining sectors.

Together, SC CapRock and Nokia have already built a private LTE network for Origin Energia to connect natural gas plants and associated energy wells in cities in the states of Alagoas and Bahia.

"This agreement focuses on mission-critical applications located in remote locations in Brazil. Mission-critical applications require low-latency (up to 100ms) connectivity. The connection of the private LTE network NDAC (Nokia Digital Automation Cloud) and Starlink enables this requirement and extends coverage to our customers," Sant'Anna said.

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