Qualcomm, Nokia and Juganu are teaming up to standardize the 5G spectrum in Brazil

14. 01. 2022 Friday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Q ualcomm, Nokia and Juganu have announced a partnership to standardize 5G spectrum in Brazil for smart cities and for use in public IoT (Internet of Things) services, with support from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and Anatel.

José Palazzi, Qualcomm’s Director of Sales, said: The collaboration aims to support the standardization of 5G spectrum usage on mmWave and other frequencies for smart cities and IoT services.

The project includes Nokia’s 5G mobile core and Juganu’s smart, integrated street light that can be used in existing public spaces to deliver public services by integrating Qualcomm Technologies ’5G technology and IoT solutions.

In the initiative, the three companies want to demonstrate that the use of public lighting devices will drastically simplify the deployment and integration of the technology while reducing the cost and time to implement the fifth generation of mobile connectivity. According to Bruno Emus, CEO of Juganu Brazil, this project is applicable throughout Brazil.

“This project has the potential to change the public lighting scenario in Brazil and around the world. We have created an innovative public lighting experience, generating a 5G connection for the municipality that will be able to use this network for a variety of applications, thereby reducing the need to install many antennas across the city.

Ailton Santos of Nokia Heard do Brasil said: 5G networks could revolutionize the industry as well as introduce new services.

"Fifth generation networks are being identified as an infrastructure that could revolutionize both Industry 4.0 and the process of deploying new services such as smart cities." A recent study by Nokia and Omdia predicts that by 2035, 5G will generate $ 1.2 trillion in productivity in Brazil, ”explains Santos.

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